Power BI: Pane Switcher Updates and Creating Bookmarks
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Aug 23, 2023 5:00 AM

Power BI: Pane Switcher Updates and Creating Bookmarks

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In this video, Angelica will walk you through the simple steps to create bookmark views in your reports. Bookmarks in Power BI allow you to save customized view

The video tutorial talks about Power BI, wading through the process of creating bookmarks in the reports. It elaborates the function of bookmarks that allow saving customized data views, making the data sharing and presentation simpler. It also delves into the July 2023 updates brought into the Panel Switcher in the Power BI Desktop. Understanding these updates enhances the overall data handling experience.

  • Power BI video tutorial showcases the bookmark creation process in reports
  • Explicates how bookmarks make it simple to save, present, and share data views
  • Provides insights into the new updates in the Pane Switcher in July 2023 on Power BI Desktop

Digging Deeper into Power BI

Power BI stands as a business analytics tool development by Microsoft, offering interactive visualizations along with self-service business intelligence capabilities. It provides data warehousing capacities which aid in merging data from various data sources. The update in the pane switcher is committed to making the tool more user-friendly.

  • Power BI is developed by Microsoft as a business analytics tool
  • Its interactive visualizations and self-service business intelligence capabilities make it stand apart
  • The incorporation of data warehousing facilities makes merging data from various sources convenient

Learn about Power BI: Pane Switcher Updates and Creating Bookmarks

Power BI is a powerful tool for exploring data and creating insights. In this video, Angelica will demonstrate how to create bookmarks in Power BI in order to easily save customized views of data. She will also demonstrate the July 2023 updates to the Pane Switcher in the Power BI Desktop. Bookmarking in Power BI enables users to quickly save and share customized views of their data, making it easier to present their insights. Angelica's demonstration will show how to create bookmarks and use the Pane Switcher to quickly switch between different views of data. This video will also provide an overview of the July 2023 updates to the Pane Switcher, including new features and enhancements.

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