Power BI Bidirectional Cross-Filtering and Row-Level Security
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Jul 19, 2023 5:00 AM

Power BI Bidirectional Cross-Filtering and Row-Level Security

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In this video, Angelica will discuss bidirectional cross-filtering and how it pertains to row-level security. If you are looking for instruction on implementing

In this video, Angelica discusses bidirectional cross-filtering and its relevance to row-level security. Basic instruction on implementing row-level security in reports can be found in a previous video linked below.

Deep-dive into Bidirectional Cross-Filtering and Row-Level SecurityBidirectional cross-filtering is a powerful feature in Power BI that allows us to analyze related pieces of data from different angles, better informing data-driven decisions. Likewise, row-level security is a particularly useful tool for managing who has access to what data within reports. Adequately understanding and implementing these two features plays a crucial role in creating comprehensive, secure data reports in Power BI.


Power BI Features: Bidirectional Cross-Filtering and Row-Level Security

Bidirectional Cross-Filtering

  • Bidirectional cross-filtering in Power BI allows filters to flow in both directions between tables in a data model.
  • Instead of the default one-way filter flow, enabling bidirectional cross-filtering allows a filter applied to one table to filter data on another table, and vice versa.
  • This feature enhances data modeling and allows for more complex and comprehensive analysis.

Row-Level Security (RLS)

  • Row-Level Security (RLS) in Power BI is a feature that controls data access at the row level based on user roles.
  • This means you can restrict data access for given users. RLS restricts data rows that a user can view in Power BI reports based on filters.
  • It is a valuable tool to ensure that users only view data that is relevant or permissible to them.

These are important tools in Power BI for controlling data visibility and enhancing analytical capabilities.


Learn about Bidirectional Cross-Filtering and Row-Level Security

In this video, Angelica will discuss bidirectional cross-filtering and how it relates to row-level security. Bidirectional cross-filtering allows for changes in one field to affect the values in another field and is important to consider when setting up row-level security. Row-level security can be used to restrict data access to certain users. For instruction on implementing basic row-level security in your reports, check out Angelica's previous video.

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