Power Automate: Send Emails with Attachments Easily
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Jan 11, 2024 2:00 AM

Power Automate: Send Emails with Attachments Easily

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Master Power Automate: Craft Flows to Send Emails with Attachments Effortlessly!

Key insights


Key Insights on Creating Power Automate Flows for Emailing with Attachments

  • Power Automate provides automation capabilities, enabling users to send emails with attachments by combining various connectors and actions.
  • Setting up the flow necessitates certain prerequisites, including access to Power Automate, appropriate permissions, and an understanding of its basic operations.
  • To build this flow, the trigger would be based on changes in a specified database table, prompting the flow to start executing actions.
  • The steps include retrieving user information, getting recipient details, composing messages using HTML templates, and attaching a converted HTML file from OneDrive to the email.
  • Status updates and file conversions are integrated into the flow by creating and converting an HTML file to a PDF to be sent as an attachment.

The focus of this task aligns with creating a structured workflow within Microsoft Power Automate specifically designed for sending out emails attached with files. By strategically combining various steps—from initiating triggers to fetching user and recipient data, utilizing HTML templates for email content, to attaching files—this process encompasses a holistic approach to automated email communication. The powerful synergy of Power Automate's connectors and actions facilitates a coherent execution of sending personalized, attachment-inclusive emails, tailored to meet diverse business communications needs.

Understanding Power Automate for Business Communication

Power Automate is a beneficial tool for businesses looking to streamline their email communications. By automating repetitive tasks, it saves time and reduces the margin for error. The platform's ability to integrate with a wide array of applications and services makes it versatile for various scenarios like sending updates, notifications, and personalized attachments in emails. With Power Automate, companies can set up an automated system to ensure that stakeholders receive the necessary information quickly and efficiently, all while creating a more productive work environment that focuses on essential tasks rather than manual, time-consuming processes.

Microsoft Power Automate is a powerful tool that allows businesses to automate workflows seamlessly across different applications and services. In a recent blog post by Shaheer Ahmad, he explains how to create a workflow to send emails with attachments using this platform. This flow utilizes Power Automate's built-in email connector and email attachments table, to streamline the process of attaching files to emails.

Before diving into the process, Shaheer outlines some prerequisites including having access to Microsoft 365, the necessary permissions to create flows and connections, and an understanding of Power Automate's basics. With these prerequisites met, users can proceed to create a flow that can trigger an email with attachments based on certain conditions.

The process begins by setting up a trigger, such as "When a Row is Added, Modified, or Deleted," which listens for changes in a specified table. Next, information about the user who initiated the flow is retrieved using a Common Data Service connector. Similarly, recipient information is gathered, specifically querying the "contact" entity within the Common Data Service.

The email is constructed using an HTML document template that contains all necessary details. Shaheer recommends utilizing an HTML table for this template. With the design of the email body complete, the content is then used to create an HTML file within OneDrive.

Once the HTML document is in OneDrive, it is converted into a PDF file. This conversion allows for easy attachment to the email as a universally readable document. After the conversion, an email record is created, using the composed email template body as the description.

The final steps include attaching the PDF file to the email as an ‘activitymimeattachment,’ and performing a bound action with the "SendEmail" action to finally send off the email. The email attachment includes parameters like the email’s object ID, the attachment body’s PDF content, and a specified filename and MIME type for the attachment.

Shaheer Ahmad's post concludes by emphasizing that this guide simply covers the essential steps to set up a Power Automate flow for sending emails with attachments. Users can expand upon or customize these steps to fulfill their specific business needs using Power Automate's versatile platform.

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Can Power Automate send emails with attachments?

Yes, Power Automate can send emails with attachments. Users can configure flows to include files as attachments in emails by utilizing various connectors and actions provided within the Power Automate platform.

Can Power Automate read email attachments?

Power Automate is capable of reading email attachments. It offers options to process and manipulate attached files from incoming emails by leveraging specific triggers and actions that handle attachment content.

How do I send an email with an embedded image in Power Automate?

To send an email with an embedded image in Power Automate, you need to use the appropriate action to add the image as inline content within the email body, which often involves specifying the image's Content-ID and crafting the email's HTML code to reference that CID.

How do I send multiple email attachments in Microsoft Flow?

To send multiple email attachments in Microsoft Flow, or Power Automate, you can create arrays to store the files or use looping mechanisms along with email actions that support adding multiple attachments to handle the sending of more than one file in an email.



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