Install Power Automate Approval Kit: Step-By-Step Guide
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Jan 29, 2024 12:00 AM

Install Power Automate Approval Kit: Step-By-Step Guide

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Streamline Approvals with Power Automate Kit - Install & Customize No-Code Approval Flows Easily!

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The Power Automate Approval Kit offers a comprehensive solution for automating approval processes within the Microsoft Power Platform. Developed by the Microsoft Power CAT Team, it's designed to simplify complex approval workflows, providing a no-code option for organizations.

  • No-code solution: Enables the creation and management of approval processes without requiring coding expertise.

  • Complex workflows made easy: Supports multi-stage, conditional approvals, delegation, and more, catering to diverse organizational needs.

  • Integration capabilities: Seamlessly connects with existing data sources like SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and SQL Server for a fluid workflow.

  • Customization: Offers the flexibility to design personalized approval experiences, including forms, notifications, and dashboards.

  • Efficiency and compliance: Aids in automating approval workflows to save time, reduce manual errors, and enhance compliance with organizational policies.

The setup involves a few straightforward steps: beginning with the installation of the Approval Kit solution, creating an approval process flow in Power Automate, configuring the approval workflow through the Approvals Kit designer, and then initiating the process for use in various scenarios such as expense report approvals, vacation requests, product idea submissions, and access requests. This method not only improves efficiency but also enhances the transparency and reliability of the approval processes across an organization.

Business Processes with Power Automate Approval Kit

The Power Automate Approval Kit marks a significant advancement in the realm of business process automation. As businesses strive for efficiency and speed, the requirement for streamlined approval processes is more crucial than ever. Traditional approval methods are often plagued by delays, lack of transparency, and susceptibility to errors. The Approval Kit addresses these issues head-on by providing a platform for creating robust, flexible approval workflows without the need for extensive coding skills.

This empowerment of non-developers to construct and manage complex approval sequences opens new doors for operational agility. The Approval Kit is not a solitary tool but a comprehensive ecosystem designed to accommodate the multifaceted nature of business approvals. Whether it’s handling expense reports, managing vacation requests, or facilitating resource access, the Approval Kit's versatility stands out.

Welcome to the second part of our journey through the Power Automate Approval Kit, a tool developed by Microsoft's Power CAT Team. In this segment, Dhruvin Shah [MVP] will guide us on installing the Approval Kit into our environment. Before diving into the installation, we are introduced to certain prerequisites necessary for the setup.

This video tutorial broadly covers what the Approval Kit is, its offerings, and how it stands out from the standard approval actions in Power Automate. The Approval Kit is designed as a template with over 20 cloud flows and a Power Apps application, making it deployable in any Dataverse environment. It aims to streamline various approval requirements such as multi-stage and conditional approvals, delegation, and reassignment, to name a few.

Highlighted in the video are the chapters focusing on each step of the installation process, starting from opening the Power Platform Admin Center to configuring custom connectors for the Approval Kit. Throughout the video, Dhruvin ensures that viewers understand the process of setting up a no-code solution for creating and managing approval processes within the Microsoft Power Platform.

The Approval Kit facilitates easy setup of complex approval workflows without any coding requirement. By integrating with existing data sources like SharePoint and Dynamics 365, it allows for the customization of approval experiences. Dhruvin walks us through the steps to install the solution, create a new approval process, and configure it using the Approval Kit's designer, showcasing its benefits such as improved efficiency, error reduction, increased transparency, and enhanced compliance.

The video concludes with practical examples of how the Approval Kit can be utilized, from approving expense reports to submitting new product ideas. It emphasizes the Kit’s versatility in supporting various organizational needs, underscoring its potential to streamline approval processes and boost overall efficiency.

Welcome to the exploration of the Approval Kit developed by the Microsoft Power CAT Team. This kit, highlighted by Dhruvin Shah [MVP], enables users to easily install it into their environment. Before installation, certain prerequisites are required.

This tutorial covers what the kit is, its offerings, and how it stands out from the standard approval action in Power Automate. The Approval Kit, a template featuring over 20 cloud flows and a Power Apps app, is designed for any Dataverse environment, facilitating quick setup for numerous approval process requirements.

  • Multi-stage approvals
  • Conditional approvals
  • Delegation
  • Out of office
  • Organizational calendar
  • Workdays based timeout
  • Reassignment

The Approval Kit is a no-code solution that simplifies the creation and management of approval processes within Microsoft Power Platform. With its pre-built framework, it enables the setup of approval workflows effortlessly, without requiring coding knowledge.

  • Easy to use: No coding required.
  • Create complex approval processes: Use conditional branching, delegation, admin overrides, and more.
  • Connect to your data: Integrate with your existing data sources.
  • Customize the approval experience: Design your own approval forms and notifications.

To utilize the Approvals Kit, one should begin by installing the solution from the Power Platform Gallery. Subsequently, a new approval process must be created and configured using the Approvals Kit designer. This kit not only enhances efficiency by automating approval processes but also reduces manual errors and increases transparency.


Power Automate - Install Power Automate Approval Kit: Step-By-Step Guide


People also ask

"How do I install Power Automate approvals?"

To deploy the approval solution within Power Automate, it is interesting to note that one does not need to download it from App Source. Instead, create a Power Automate in your desired environment, incorporate an approval action, and execute it once. This initiates the installation of the solution seamlessly.

"How do I Create an approval workflow in Microsoft forms?"

To establish an approval workflow using Microsoft Forms, simply navigate to 'Create' then select 'Automated Flow.' Assign a name to your flow or allow the system to generate one on your behalf. Utilize the search box under 'Choose your flow's trigger' to type 'forms.' From the search outcomes, opt for 'When a new response is submitted' followed by clicking 'Create' to proceed.

"Can you add approvals to Teams Channel?"

Incorporating approvals directly within a Teams Channel or through the approvals app is straightforward. Initiating an approval flow can be as easy as starting a chat or channel conversation. You select the approval type, fill in the necessary details, attach pertinent files, and designate approvers. The designated approvers will receive notifications prompting them to review and respond to the approval request appropriately.

"How do I use Microsoft approvals app?"

To use the Microsoft approvals app effectively, initiate your approval process directly within the approvals app interface.



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