Boost Engagement with Power Apps Raffle or Giveaway
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Oct 17, 2023 3:00 PM

Boost Engagement with Power Apps Raffle or Giveaway

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Join my journey with Microsoft Power Platform to automate and virtualize fundraising events for charity with Power Apps!

A Dive into the World of Microsoft Power Apps

The use of Microsoft's Power Platform, specifically the Power Apps, for a unique purpose is outlined in this video. As described, the video creator's organization decided to utilize the platform for its annual raffle event held for the Boys and Girls Club amid the COVID-19 pandemic which necessitated a shift to virtual solutions.

The raffle process required automation in terms of ticket sales, prize listing, and the raffle draw itself. The conventional market solutions were not cost-effective, hence the organization's decision to explore Power Apps.

The video outlines the challenges the organization encountered, especially in regards to security and authentication. This was resolved by the fact that their organization had migrated to Azure Active Directory and every employee had a Power Apps license.

The Power Apps studio's ease of use, as described in the video, certainly enhanced the user experience by allowing users to connect to a data source, and then drag and drop UI components for a custom app. These apps, while modern and efficient, are no replacement for custom coded applications dependent on more complex features such as JavaScript, CSS, etc.

Another striking feature is deployment and distribution. With zero store approval process, Power Apps takes the guesswork out and numerous perks of rapid updating and cross-compatibility are adduced.

The described canvas application operates on a system wherein users purchase raffle tickets and each transaction is recorded in a SharePoint list. Every new transaction triggers a Power Automate flow, creating individual tickets and sending out confirmatory notifications. The application is outfitted with administrative functions for conducting the actual raffle draw.

A secondary website was used for payment collection, due to being out of the application's scope. The video emphasizes the ease and convenience of using SharePoint list for storing needed information, mentioning that users need access to it as well.

The video creator also discusses SharePoint's ability to maintain a parent-child relationship by storing foreign key in the child table, noting SharePoint is not a relational database.

The concluding part of the video features the actual app development process. After populating the SharePoint List with sample data, the creator took his design to Power Apps Studio and built the screens. This process is touted as easy, with references to various online resources and tutorials.

The video speaks highly of the ease with which a functional app can be deployed and shared within an organization through Power Apps, fostering rapid responsiveness to user feedback and iterative development.

  • Effective use of Power Apps for virtualization of events.
  • Addressing security and authentication using Azure Active Directory and PowerApps licenses.
  • The ease of development and distribution of apps using Power Apps studio.
  • Deployment of SharePoint list for data storage and convenient access to users.
  • App development shared to inspire other users to utilize Power Apps for similar purposes.

A dive deeper into Microsoft Power Apps

With Microsoft's Power Apps, organizations have the potential to streamline their digital processes. This platform allows the development of custom apps to suit specific business needs. Being part of the Microsoft Power Platform, it integrates smoothly with other Microsoft products such as Azure Active Directory and SharePoint, enhancing security and data management.

The potential applications are vast and varied, covering all types of fields and activities. The software offers a delicate balance between the simplicity of drag-and-drop features for rapid app development and the in-depth ability to write formulas for more specific logical controls. This combination suits both the tech-savvy and those with lesser coding skills, creating a robust yet user-friendly environment for creating and deploying apps across multiple platforms.

Sharing finished apps within organizations is straightforward, fostering easy communication and distribution. The lack of a store approval process and easy update functions further reduce barriers to sharing and improving apps rapidly. Power Apps offers a viable and cost-effective solution for organizations that need to digitize processes yet maintain control and customization inside their ecosystem.

Power Apps - Boost Engagement with Power Apps Raffle or Giveaway

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