How to build Power Apps Modern Dashboards (Beginner)
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Mar 31, 2024 3:00 PM

How to build Power Apps Modern Dashboards (Beginner)

by HubSite 365 about Power BI Professionals

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Unlock Modern UI in Power Apps: A Beginners Guide #PowerApps - Dive into creating elegant dashboards!

Key insights


  • Power Apps Modern UI introduces updated controls and theming options for canvas apps, aligning with Microsoft's Fluent Design System for a modernized look and feel.
  • The modern UI enhancements promote improved usability and accessibility, presenting clearer interaction states and supporting more natural user input.
  • Developers can benefit from faster development timelines due to streamlined design controls and themes, making app creation quicker and more efficient.
  • Key elements of the Modern UI include new controls, pre-built and custom theming options, along with elevation and depth features for an improved visual experience.
  • To enable Modern UI in Power Apps, users need to navigate to the Settings option, select "Upcoming features", and toggle the "Modern controls and themes" option to "On".

What is Power Apps Modern UI

Power Apps Modern UI represents a significant shift towards creating more accessible, visually coherent, and user-friendly canvas apps within the Microsoft ecosystem. This initiative is part of Microsoft's ongoing efforts to ensure that its applications are not only highly functional but also adhere to the latest design standards, promoting usability and accessibility. The introduction of updated controls, pre-built themes, and the ability for extensive customization via custom theming, allows developers to create apps that not only perform well but also offer a compelling user interface and experience.

The emphasis on faster development is a critical aspect, as it enables developers to produce applications more swiftly, without compromising on the quality or functionality of the apps. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in fast-paced business environments where time to market is a significant factor. Additionally, the focus on ensuring that apps align with other Microsoft products fosters a consistent user experience across the board, which can be crucial for organizations heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.



In this insightful video by Power BI Professionals, viewers are introduced to the essentials of creating a modern UI using Power Apps. The tutorial is aimed at beginners, covering the steps involved in building a contemporary user interface (UI) and incorporating a gallery within a dashboard. It highlights the navigation bar, header, cards, and various chart implementations in Power Apps.

The video delves into the Power Apps Modern UI, showcasing its updated controls, theming options, and benefits. The Modern UI aligns with Microsoft's Fluent Design System, offering a modern look and feel. It emphasizes improved usability, with controls designed for accessibility and ease of interaction, alongside faster app development thanks to streamlined design.

Key features of the Modern UI include new, modernized controls like buttons and dropdowns, pre-built and custom theming options, and elevation effects for depth in app layout. These elements contribute to enhanced user experiences, accessibility, and a consistent appearance across Microsoft products. To enable Modern UI in canvas apps, users should navigate through the Power Apps portal settings and activate "Modern controls and themes" in the "Upcoming features" section.

People also ask

Is Power Apps easy to learn?

As a Microsoft expert, I can confirm that beginners can indeed dive into Power Apps effortlessly, progressively mastering the necessary skills. The integration of Power Apps with familiar Microsoft products like Word, Excel, and Power BI serves as a significant advantage, facilitating quicker learning for those already acquainted with these applications.

How do you build the UI in a canvas app in Power Apps?

It is beneficial, though not imperative, to have a basic understanding of Controls when designing the UI of a canvas app in Power Apps.

How do I use Microsoft Power Apps?

For those interested in a practical guide, creating a SharePoint list is a straightforward starting point in utilizing Microsoft Power Apps, showcasing its ease of use for even beginners.

What is power pages?

From a standpoint of expertise in Microsoft technologies, Power Pages can be described as a secure and advanced low-code SaaS platform provided by Microsoft. It enables the effortless creation, hosting, and management of modern external-facing business websites, underscoring its enterprise-grade capabilities.



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