Power Apps Modern Controls - We Finally Have TABS!!
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Apr 28, 2023 4:00 PM

Power Apps Modern Controls - We Finally Have TABS!!

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In this video, we'll show how to enable these new Modern Controls in your Power App, and how to configure the TabList control in order to make your long

Power Apps Modern Controls - We Finally Have TABS!! is a feature released by Microsoft that allows users to create and manage tabs in their Power Apps applications. This feature allows users to create a more organized and intuitive user experience by grouping related forms, controls, data, and other elements into separate tabs. This feature also allows users to easily switch between tabs, allowing them to navigate their applications with ease.

Tabbed navigation also allows users to save time by quickly switching between different pieces of content within the same application. With this feature, users can create and manage tabs in their applications without having to manually write code or use complex scripts. This feature is available for both Canvas and Model-driven apps.

Mar 27, 2023 — A Tab is a navigation control which can help users switch between different context within the app. You can add list of items to tabs or ...

Finally, I have proved that not only can you leverage the UI and UX but also ... Modern Controls Coming to Power Apps Canvas App https://lnkd.in/gjxNSgHw ...

PowerApps Tutorial: How to build your first Power App · Title – to change this screen title, you need to select it and go to the advanced setting in the right ...

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And in this gallery i will go ahead and insert a button control. So edit the gallery. And insert a

A tab control is a flexible navigation component that can be used to build tabbed interfaces in PowerApps applications. Tabs can be configured to navigate to other screens or to trigger any action such as launching a different app or opening the browser. A tab control can be used for vertical and horizontal menus.

The new controls are Button, Check box, Combo box, Date picker, Label, Radio group, Rating, Slider, Text box, and Toggle. Let's take a look at each Fluent UI control and its most useful properties. For a complete list of controls and properties in Power Apps, go to Controls and properties in Power Apps.

Don't add more than 500 controls in one app. The more controls you add, the more generation time Power Apps needs. You can, in some cases, achieve the same result and have the app start faster if you use a gallery instead of individual controls.