Power Apps Legend: Shane Young from PowerApps 911
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Jun 28, 2023 2:00 PM

Power Apps Legend: Shane Young from PowerApps 911

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Welcome to an extraordinary episode where Power Apps titans unite! Today, we have the privilege of hosting Shane Young, the granddaddy of Power Apps

Welcome to a special episode featuring Shane Young, the grandfather of Power Apps from Power Apps 911. We are two Midwestern fathers with a deep passion for Power Apps, and we are excited to share our knowledge and humor with you. We discuss not only Power Apps, but also some innovative ideas to improve your life and even to be a prodigy in handling dogs. We also delve into our new venture of pairing Chat GPT with Power Apps - could this be the secret to gaining immense views? Join in to discover!

  • Shane Young is hosted, a Power Apps prodigy from Power Apps 911.
  • Two Midwestern fathers, both passionate about Power Apps engaging in deep discussions.
  • Discussion extends beyond Power Apps into innovative life enhancing ideas and dog whispering techniques.
  • New project of integrating Chat GPT with Power Apps announced.
  • Potential of this integration in obtaining vast views is to be unravelled.

Find Shane's most popular course here: tinyurl.com/ShanesCourse
Missed something? Catch up here: youtu.be/jpD-9rzr74o
Join the "Learn Power Apps" community here: tinyurl.com/PowerPlatformCommunity

A Deeper Dive into Power Apps and Beyond

The main discussion pivots around Power Apps, a suite of apps, services, connectors, and data platforms that provides a rapid app development environment. The goal is to build custom applications catering to business requirements without requiring complex coding. By diving into novel concepts and innovative life hacks, the hosts attempt to add an element of freshness. A special effort is initiated- integrating Chat GPT with Power Apps, hinting at possibilities of broader discussions in future episodes.

Learn about Power Apps Legend: Shane Young from PowerApps 911

In this episode of Power Apps Legend, Shane Young from PowerApps 911 joins us to discuss Power Apps, out-of-the-box ideas, and a project to integrate Chat GPT with Power Apps. We'll also explore how to supercharge your life and become a dog whisperer. Learn more about Shane's most popular course and join the "Learn Power Apps" community to stay up to date with the latest Power Apps news.

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