Complete Guide on AllItemsCount in Power Apps Gallery Control
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Sep 26, 2023 4:38 PM

Complete Guide on AllItemsCount in Power Apps Gallery Control

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Microsoft Expert reveals AllItemsCount - a new, faster feature for Power Apps Gallery control. Learn more today!

Reza Dorrani's Insightful YouTube Content on Power Apps

Reza Dorrani, a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft and a content creator, has recently shared some resourceful videos on YouTube about Power Apps. His topics revolve around Power Apps Gallery Control and Enhancements.

The vital new property added to Power Apps Gallery control, called "AllItemsCount", determines the loaded items count promptly. This feature is noted to perform at a higher speed compared to using the CountRows function over AllItems.

Additionally, he dives deep into Automating Microsoft Forms Data and File Uploads to SharePoint using Power Automate after gaining validation. His tutorial videos touch on how to Configure Form with File Uploads, Create an Approval Workflow, and Store Uploaded Files as Attachments in SharePoint.

  • Setting up Form with file uploads
  • Create Approval flow
  • Save files as attachments in SharePoint

In another video, Dorrani guides viewers on designing Power Apps Screen Designs, specifically focusing on UI/UX. He delves into> the creation of a Custom Navigation Menu, Styling buttons, and Designing Galleries.

With continually evolving features on Microsoft platforms, Reza promises to persist in delivering top-notch content, allowing users to make the most of these apps.

Dorrani regularly shares practical tips, step-by-step guides, and updates. His commitment is reinforced by positive subscriber feedback and the apparent impact his insights have on his viewers.

General Information on Power Apps

Power Apps is Microsoft's platform that allows for rapid application development - translating to faster business solutions. It allows users, regardless of their technical knowledge, to develop custom apps that can automate workflows and solve other business needs.

Microsoft's key focus is empowering users. Their Power Platform bridges the gap between IT expertise and business efficiency. Organizations benefit immensely from Power App's ability for rapid innovation, as it significantly decreases the time taken for design and delivery of functional apps.

Building on Power Apps provides opportunities to create rich user experiences and interactions within the application, predominantly focusing on UI/UX. Leveraging Power Automate in Power Apps allows for the efficient handling of data across different systems and the automation of workflows.

Microsoft strives to continually enhance Power Apps to aid the technology-dependent corporate world. Key figures like Reza Dorrani play a significant role in this exchange of knowledge, making it accessible and understandable to all.

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Power Apps - Complete Guide on AllItemsCount in Power Apps Gallery Control

Learn about Power Apps Gallery control AllItemsCount

The Microsoft Power platform has made notable additions that are designed to enhance user experience and simplify tasks. A post by Reza Dorrani, a Principal Program manager at Microsoft, highlighted a new property added to the Power Apps Gallery control to quickly query the loaded item count: "AllItemsCount". This allows for a quicker performance compared to calling CountRows function over AllItems.

Microsoft continually enhances the capabilities of the Power platform, always presenting new features that are beneficial to its users. This new feature has been applauded and appreciated by the user community, signifying its practicality and efficiency.

Reza Dorrani also shared a project on how to automate Microsoft Forms Data and File Uploads to SharePoint After Approvals with Power Automate. It covers the steps of configuring form with file uploads, creating an approval workflow, and storing uploaded files as attachments in SharePoint. This is an interesting tutorial to consider for those who would like to increase their automation capabilities.

In another post, he provides a variation, showing how to save the Microsoft Forms Data and File Uploads to SharePoint after approvals using Power Automate. With this tutorial, users are able to create an approval flow, save files as attachments in SharePoint, and set up a form with file uploads.

Aside from technical tutorials and tips, the author uses his platform to connect with other members of the Power platform community. In one of his posts, he shared his experience meeting Power User Paulina Palczynska, who was part of the first Power Up Program pilot cohort and mentioned that she learned about the program through Reza's LinkedIn post.

Moreover, Dorrani expressed his gratitude for the continuous support and feedback he gets from his viewers and vowed to always provide top-quality content. This serves to reinforce his commitment to empowering users of the Power platform and providing them with the resources necessary to make the most of the platform. He also shared a tutorial on screen designs (UI/UX) using Power Apps, which covers custom navigation menu, styling buttons, and designing galleries.

Lastly, he offered insights on how to design a Power App Landing Screen, a tutorial that touches on custom navigation menu, styling buttons, and designing galleries. These tutorials should be of interest to individuals looking to adopt the Power platform, as they provide practical knowledge and insights they can use.

Microsoft's Power platform evolves rapidly, and being updated with these changes is essential in maximizing its potential. Checking posts by experts like Reza Dorrani on a regular basis provides a continuous learning opportunity.

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