Power Apps: Convert Cents Into Word
Power Apps
Sep 26, 2023 10:00 AM

Power Apps: Convert Cents Into Word

by HubSite 365 about Daniel Christian [MVP]

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Unlock the power of Microsofts Power Apps with our guide on converting cents into words – simple, seamless, and straightforward!

The video by Daniel Christian [MVP] is a response to a query raised in the comments of a video he previously released in March 2019. It is about a numbers to word conversion app, and the specific request he answers in this video is relating to converting cents value to words as well.

The video breaks down into a detailed table of contents covering an introduction, explanation of Power Fx functions, reviewing a shell app, discussion on the Gallery's OnSelect Property for Nickels, how to add Fx to the text control, exploring the Gallery's OnSelect Property for Dimes, evaluation of the Gallery's OnSelect Property for Quarters, and finally a conclusion.

Access to the completed app, demonstrated in the video, is offered to Silver level membership program members.
Notes about upgrading from Bronze level membership to Silver are also offered.

  • Introduction 00:00
  • Power Fx functions 01:08
  • Review the shell app 02:04
  • Gallery's OnSelect Property for Nickels 04:15
  • Add Fx to the text control 07:04
  • Gallery's OnSelect Property for Dimes 15:42
  • Gallery's OnSelect Property for Quarters 18:31
  • Conclusion 20:19

Additional Details about Power Apps and Word Conversion

Power Apps is a suite from Microsoft that allows creation and usage of custom business apps which connect with existing business data, stored in different online and on-premises sources. These applications can be easily built using a point-and-click approach without needing a significant amount of coding. In this specific video, the application of converting numerical figures into words is elaborated. This includes the conversion of cents to words, using Power Fx functions and Image OnSelect properties in Power Apps. The walkthrough of a shell application helps provide practical insights and the membership program allows users to download and experiment with this application.

Learn about Power Apps: Convert Cents Into Word

This YouTube video titled "Power Apps: Convert Cents Into Word" introduces a numbers-to-word conversion application. The video was created in response to a question asked concerning the possibility of extending the application to convert cents into words.

  • The video starts with an introduction that outlines the intention and motivation behind the tutorial.
  • The tutorial then moves on to explore Power Fx functions that are crucial in the development of the application.
  • Later, there is a review of the shell app, which acts as the primary structure for the application in focus.
  • The next section of the tutorial examines the Gallery's OnSelect Property for Nickels. This segment is then followed by an addition of Fx to the text control.
  • The segments pivot to inspection of the same property for Dimes and then Quarters.
  • The tutorial concludes acknowledging the potential applications and summarising the topic.

To learn more about this topic, watchers can participate in Microsoft's Silver level membership program which provides access to the completed application. Furthermore, Bronze level members can upgrade their membership to Silver level, receiving access to this app through the members' community section.

For in-depth understanding of app building with Power Apps, it is recommended to consider enrolling in Microsoft's official Power Apps training courses that introduce Power Fx functions, Gallery's OnSelect properties, and other essential application development concepts. With these resources, learners can effectively build their own applications for converting different numerical values to words.


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