How to Play Videos in Outlook Using Stream
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May 16, 2024 5:27 PM

How to Play Videos in Outlook Using Stream

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Embed Stream Videos in Emails with New Outlook Feature for Enhanced Communication!

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  • Outlook now supports embedding Microsoft Stream videos directly into emails for enhanced engagement.
  • This feature allows recipients to watch videos without leaving their inbox, promoting better communication and understanding across the organization.
  • Users need to access Outlook on the web or the new Outlook for Windows, paste a Stream video share link into the email body to embed a video.
  • Additional functionalities include altering video styles back to links and managing video permissions directly within the email.
  • The feature is currently available to all Outlook on the web and new Outlook for Windows users, with plans to expand to Outlook for Windows (Classic).


Exploring the Integration of Microsoft Stream Videos in Outlook

Microsoft's recent update brings a significant enhancement to Outlook, allowing users to embed Microsoft Stream videos directly within their emails. This integration serves as a powerful tool for internal communication, considerably increasing the effectiveness and engagement of message dissemination within companies. By enabling video playback directly in the inbox, Microsoft aims to simplify the way information is shared and consumed, ensuring that communications are not only delivered but also attentively received and understood.

The capacity to include videos from Microsoft Stream into Outlook emails without necessitating recipients to navigate away from their email environment represents a leap towards more dynamic and interactive corporate communication. Users can effortlessly embed videos by simply pasting the Stream video share link into an email, enhancing the recipient's experience and ensuring higher engagement rates. With additional options to manage video styles and permissions, Outlook is setting a new standard for email communications in professional settings.

As Microsoft continues to refine and extend this functionality, the anticipated roll-out to Outlook for Windows (Classic) highlights the company's commitment to accessibility and user convenience across different versions of its software. This proactive approach in upgrading email communications underscores Microsoft's overarching strategy to enhance productivity tools with modern technological advancements, thereby fostering a more connected and efficient workspace.

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Enhancing Communication with Microsoft Stream Videos in Outlook

Outlook has introduced a new feature that allows users to embed Microsoft Stream videos directly into emails, making internal communications more dynamic and engaging. This integration enables recipients to view videos without exiting their email inbox, streamlining the communication process and enhancing message clarity and engagement across the organization.

  • Embed Microsoft Stream videos directly into emails
  • Recipients can view videos without leaving their inbox
  • Improves communication clarity and engagement

Samantha Bahrini, a Product Manager from the Office Product Group, shares her excitement about this innovation available in Outlook on the web and the new Outlook for Windows. The new feature aims to capture the attention of teams and improve the effectiveness of internal communications.

  • Presented by Samantha Bahrini, Product Manager
  • Available on Outlook on the web and new Outlook for Windows
  • Focused on enhancing team communications

To use this feature, users need to open their Outlook on the web or the new Outlook for Windows. Videos can either be attached from OneDrive or directly embedded by pasting a Stream video share link into the email body. This transforms the link into an embedded media player, allowing for streamlined video watching experience.

  • Easy embedding of videos via share link or OneDrive
  • Transforms links into an embedded media player within emails
  • Requires stable internet, Outlook on the web, or new Outlook for Windows

For those interested in customizing their experience, the embedded video can be reverted back to a hyperlink style via right-click options. Furthermore, video permissions can be managed similarly. Microsoft also plans to extend this feature to classic Outlook for Windows users in the near future.

  • Customizable video and hyperlink style options
  • Video permission management via right-click on embedded video
  • Expanding availability to classic Outlook for Windows soon


People also ask

How to embed Microsoft Stream video in Outlook email?

Enterprise users now have the capability to integrate videos directly into Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Loop emails. By inserting a video link from Microsoft Stream into an email or Loop page, the link will automatically convert into an embedded video player. This allows recipients to view the video directly within the email interface without needing to exit Outlook.

Can you embed videos from Microsoft Stream?

Videos and audio files from Microsoft Stream can be embedded into third-party websites or applications outside of Microsoft's ecosystem using embed codes. This is effective provided that the users viewing the content have logged into your Microsoft 365 environment and possess the necessary access permissions. For optimal integration within Microsoft platforms like Viva Engage or SharePoint, embedding works seamlessly.

How do I open a video in Microsoft Stream?

When accessing audio and video files from OneDrive or SharePoint libraries, users encounter a preview player interface. To further engage with the content on Microsoft Stream’s dedicated web application, users can navigate through the preview player by selecting 'Open' and then 'Open in Stream'.

How do I share Microsoft Stream video permissions?

Currently, there is a known method available for sharing permissions on Microsoft Stream videos effectively.



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