Pipelines for All Public Preview: Easily set up pipelines in Power Platform
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Mar 18, 2024 6:45 PM

Pipelines for All Public Preview: Easily set up pipelines in Power Platform

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Streamline Your Deployments: Pipelines for All Now in Public Preview on Power Platform!

Key insights



  • Pipelines for All Public Preview simplifies the pipeline setup process for deploying solutions across environments, promising a setup time of less than a minute.
  • The new integrated pipelines host is available directly within the Power Platform, enabling the creation of pipelines in environments without the need for a custom host, streamlining the deployment process.
  • Makers can now easily create personal pipelines and select a target managed environment they have import access to, facilitating a no .zip file download or upload process, deployment scheduling, and more.
  • The initiative benefits both makers and administrators by enabling instant pipeline setup for makers, while admins can adopt more traditional setups with extended features like approvals at their own pace.
  • The transition from personal to central governed pipelines is designed to be seamless, encouraging the adoption of healthy ALM practices among all makers within the Power Platform.

Power Platform's Pipelines for All Initiative

Have you ever wanted to use pipelines to deploy your solutions but found it too complicated or time-consuming? Do you wish you could follow ALM best practices more easily but don't have an admin to set it all up? You're in luck! Pipelines for All offers a streamlined setup process, enabling deployment in less than a minute.

Thanks to a newly integrated pipelines host within the platform, you can set up Pipelines right from the Pipelines page. The new experience allows Makers to create pipelines in environments not using a custom host. The Create pipeline experience is straightforward, offering a lightweight pipeline setup that’s ready to use with numerous benefits.

  • Deployment without the need for .zip file downloads or uploads
  • Deployment scheduling
  • Inline target environment solution validation
  • Upfront environment variable value validation
  • Recorded deployment stage run history
  • Copilot-generated deployment notes

Makers and admins both benefit from this new feature. Makers can instantly start using pipelines if their target environments have Managed Environments enabled. Admins, when ready, can set up pipelines traditionally with added features like approvals. This transition from personal to centralized pipelines will be simplified by the feature's general availability.

This movement towards simplified, yet powerful deployment mechanisms is indicative of Microsoft's commitment to enhancing the development experience on the Power Platform. By making sophisticated ALM practices approachable for a wider user base, the Pipelines for All initiative supports the platform’s underlying ethos of democratizing technology, empowering users to innovate and implement solutions with greater ease and efficiency than ever before.

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People also ask

How do you set up a power platform pipeline?

To set up a Power Platform pipeline, first, navigate to your host environment. From there, proceed to Resources and then to Dynamics 365 apps. Look for the Install app option and scroll through the right-side panel until you come across Power Platform Pipelines. Select this option to install the application in your desired host environment.

Are pipelines in power platform generally available?

Pipelines within the Power Platform are designed to simplify the application lifecycle management (ALM) process for both Power Platform and Dynamics 365 users. They achieve this by incorporating ALM automation and capabilities for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) directly into the service. This makes these advanced processes more accessible to a wider range of users, including makers, admins, and more, indicating a significant step toward democratizing these capabilities.



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