Performance at Scale with Microsoft Fabric: Query Processing!
Aug 3, 2023 10:00 AM

Performance at Scale with Microsoft Fabric: Query Processing!

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In this video Bogdan joins Stijn to talk about Microsoft Fabric performance and what happens underneath the hood while processing a query!

The referenced video discusses the performance at scale with Microsoft Fabric, particularly focusing on query processing. Bogdan Crivat, the VP of Synapse Analytics, joins Stijn Wynants, a Senior Product Manager, to explain the intricate details of what occurs underneath the hood during a query process. They both highly recommended the Polaris white paper, which provides a detailed understanding of Microsoft Fabric Performance.

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Microsoft Fabric is a vital tool that aids in the seamless running of applications on large-scale clusters. It guarantees resource management and service discovery along with failure handling. A highlight of Fabric is its ability to simplify query processing on a large scale, making it an essential component in big data handling. Furthermore, Fabric can be integrated with Polaris, enhancing its operations significantly.

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Microsoft Fabric is a powerful platform for scaling up query processing. In this video, Bogdan and Stijn discuss performance and the processes behind query processing. The Polaris white paper provides an in-depth look into the topic and is available at Both Bogdan and Stijn have LinkedIn profiles and Twitter accounts which provide further information about their backgrounds. Bogdan is a Vice President of Synapse Analytics and Stijn is a Senior Product Manager. Stijn also has a website,, where he shares SQL-related resources. Learning about Microsoft Fabric's query processing capabilities can help developers and data scientists build more efficient applications.

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