Performance at Scale with Microsoft Fabric: Concurrency!
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Aug 17, 2023 9:00 AM

Performance at Scale with Microsoft Fabric: Concurrency!

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In this video Bogdan joins Stijn to talk about Microsoft Fabric performance and what we do underneath the hood to tackle concurrency and how this all works with

The video discusses the performance capabilities of Microsoft Fabric and its ability to handle concurrency. Bogdan, the VP of Synapse Analytics demonstrates how concurrency is handled under the hood of Microsoft Fabric utilizing the Polaris Engine. The video also refers to a white paper available at on the Polaris Engine. The conversation provides an in-depth insight into the workings of Microsoft Fabric and the Polaris Engine, and their response to concurrency.

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Microsoft Fabric is a state-of-the-art framework designed to provide scalable and high-performance solutions. A key component of the Fabric is the Polaris Engine which is an incredibly efficient tool that handles concurrency. With the Polaris Engine, Microsoft Fabric is constructed to efficiently manage vast quantities of data, ensuring a seamless user experience. In the contemporary data-driven world, the impact of software like Microsoft Fabric and Polaris Engine is profound, revolutionizing data management and analytics.

Learn about Performance at Scale with Microsoft Fabric: Concurrency!

Microsoft Fabric is a powerful tool that helps to scale performance and tackle concurrency. The Polaris Engine, developed by Microsoft, is a key component of the Fabric system that helps to maintain high performance levels. In this video, Bogdan Crivat (VP Synapse Analytics) and Stijn Wynants (Senior Product Manager) discuss how the Polaris Engine works and how it helps to improve performance.

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