PCF in Dataverse for Microsoft Teams
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May 31, 2023 10:00 PM

PCF in Dataverse for Microsoft Teams

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After creating my Microsoft OpenAI powered Intelligent Assistant canvas app was still one open question for me, “Can I install and uses my Intelligent Assistant

In the article, Michael Megel discusses integrating an OpenAI-powered Intelligent Assistant Canvas app into Microsoft's DataVerse for Teams. He highlights the advantages of such integration, including the capability of Canvas apps to create intuitive user interfaces for data management and enhancing collaboration. Also, the integration of DataVerse offers powerful database and data modeling capabilities within Teams.

Megel uses the PowerApps Helper extension in Visual Studio Code to visualize the dependencies of his Intelligent Assistant solution, including a custom connector for Azure OpenAI, a PCF (PowerApps Component Framework) code component MarkDown Viewer, and some controls from the "Material Design Component Library for Power Apps" solution. He discusses how to import the component library into Dataverse for Teams and examines the feasibility of using PCF in Dataverse for Teams.

However, he notes that while he believes the integration of PCF into Dataverse for Teams could add significant value, neither Dataverse for Teams nor Microsoft currently support the capabilities he explores in his article.


Solved: Hello ! This is a pretty basic question, but I found yes and no answers to it. Is it possible to create and/or use custom components in Power.

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Feb 12, 2023 — At the terminal prompt, create a new component project by passing basic parameters using the pac pcf init command.

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