Guide to Overcoming Migrating SharePoint Online User Profiles Properties
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Apr 21, 2024 1:02 PM

Guide to Overcoming Migrating SharePoint Online User Profiles Properties

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Key insights

  • Migrating SharePoint Online user profile properties encountered obstacles including property visibility and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) issues.
  • Visibility of user profile properties had to be set to "Everyone" to migrate them effectively, reversing the setting post-migration.
  • Writing user profile property values cannot be performed with an account that has MFA enabled, necessitating alternative methods.
  • Utilizing Entra ID application registration and certificate authentication provides a workaround for the MFA restriction.
  • The process includes creating a self-signed certificate, registering an Entra ID application, and setting up specific SharePoint application permissions.

SharePoint Online User Profile Property Migration

Overcoming challenges when migrating SharePoint Online user profile properties can be complex. This summary highlights the issues encountered and solutions found during the process of migrating user profile properties from one SharePoint Online environment to another. The focus is on a tenant-to-tenant migration scenario.

The background includes developing SPFx solutions that rely on custom user profile properties. These properties are crucial for storing user-specific settings accessible by SPFx solutions. Challenges arose due to a company acquisition requiring the migration of these properties and their values to a new tenant.

Two main issues were encountered during the migration. First, the visibility of user profile properties needed to be set to "Everyone" to facilitate the transfer. This adjustment allowed for the properties to be accessible via the PnP.PowerShell module. After migration, settings were reverted to their original state.

Secondly, writing user profile property values faced a hurdle when dealing with accounts that have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled. The solution involved leveraging certificate authentication with PnP.PowerShell as a workaround. This process entailed creating a self-signed certificate, setting up an Entra ID application registration, and granting the necessary permissions.

Despite these challenges, the migration of SharePoint Online user profile property values was successfully completed. The experiences shared here aim to assist others facing similar migration tasks, offering insights into overcoming potential obstacles effectively.

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SharePoint Online - Guide to Migrating SharePoint Online User Profiles Efficiently


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