How to Task Management with Microsoft Loop
Sep 28, 2023 12:30 PM

How to Task Management with Microsoft Loop

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Boost productivity with Microsoft Loop! Manage tasks, unite your team, and collaborate efficiently across Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft's Loop tool advanced task management is making project kick-off smoother than ever. Its ability to plan tasks, brief team members about the requirements, and reference essential documents makes the initiation of work on ideas a breeze.

Among its many capabilities, Microsoft Loop goes a step further by bringing everyone and everything together on the same page - a feature many platforms and apps try to emulate but just don't get quite right.


The notable benefits of Microsoft Loop include bringing tasks and team members together to achieve project goals, as articulated in detail by Darrell Webster, a Modern Work Mentor.

Darrell walks us through, as Microsoft Loop can welcomed in Teams for files, conversations and Planner board. A kick-off of a project in Loop could be done. He also shares about Planner board in Loop and what can be achieved using it. Managing the project's membership, plan settings, and other project content on the Loop page was part of the discussion as well.

Microsoft Loop: Redefining Task Management

The core value of Microsoft Loop is the new possibilities it electrifies for managing tasks that help teams think, plan, and create together. With Loop, tasks sync across Microsoft 365 apps such as Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner, and Tasks app in Teams.

Creation of a Loop task list in Outlook email is accomplished under the ‘Insert’ tab where an option named ‘Loop Components’ offers multiple alternatives. Selecting ‘Task List’ creates a new task list in the email body enabling task assignments and additions of due dates; each assigned user is automatically added to the relevant email list.

The same task list can be created in Teams chat. The integration of Loop components with Microsoft 365's task applications means that task lists made via Loop components in Outlook and Teams can be viewed as a plan in Microsoft Planner.

Microsoft Planner facilitates task lists' edits and keeps task list components updated across different surfaces. It's just as adaptable for altering task details such as the title, due date, or assignees through planner interfaces. Additional capabilities like adding labels, notes can be leveraged, too.

The integration doesn't stop there. Microsoft Loop's compatibility extends to task applications in Microsoft 365 for task aggregation through To Do. Tasks assigned in Loop workspaces can be accessed in the 'Assigned to me' section of Microsoft To Do, which further provides the capability of managing Loop created tasks like 'Add to My Day' or 'Add Notes'.

This seamless process presents users with an exciting outlook on how Microsoft Loop, with Planner and To Do, transforms the way tasks are handled and managed. The option to transfer these components across various surfaces, including emails, chats, or even the Loop app, offers flexibility like never before. More details are available at Hubsite365 link.

Loop - Comprehensive Guide to Task Management with Microsoft Loop

Learn about Microsoft Loop help on task management


Microsoft Loop, the latest in team management and workforce collaboration, tremendously optimizes task management by bringing together your tasks and team. Providing a space to plan tasks, converse with your team, file management, and a Planner board, Microsoft Loop proves to be an essential component for productive collaboration.

The primary idea behind Microsoft Loop is to have everything and everyone on the same page. The effectiveness of this tool surpasses similar platforms and applications, as it primarily aims at getting things done in the most organized way possible.

Of its notable features, the integration of Loop components with Microsoft 365 apps stands out. This feature enables syncing of tasks made via Loop tools across Microsoft 365 apps including Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner, and Tasks app in Teams, making it straightforward for teams to think, plan, and create together.

Creating a Loop task list is very convenient, especially with options like 'Loop Components' in Outlook emails, which allow for the addition of new tasks to the list. It also offers the flexibility to assign users and add due dates to each task. An interesting feature here is the automatic addition of each user with a task assigned to them in the 'To' list of the email.

Teams chat is another platform where you can create a task list and assign tasks. Task management thus becomes a 'turnkey' process through this tool. Further, it enhances its utility by integrating with Microsoft Planner, a popular application for visual task management. This integration results in a harmonized task management process within a team.

Post the creation of task lists via Loop components in Outlook and Teams, these could be viewed as a 'Plan' in Microsoft Planner. Therefore, tasks can be edited via Planner interfaces by the user, which constantly maintains a sync across the different surfaces they live through Loop components. Additionally, it allows the user to modify the task's title, due date, and even change the task's assignee.

Loop also extends its capabilities to other features such as adding labels, adding notes, and rightful access to every team member associated with the Plan itself. All users are notified about the assignment as well as due dates, ticking the box for timely reminders.

Moreover, Loop has its integration with Microsoft To Do as well, giving the nod for task aggregation via To Do. The task lists created in Loop workspaces are visible under the 'Assigned to me' list of Microsoft To Do. 'Add to My Day' or 'Add Notes' are some of the functions that you get to enjoy with the tasks created by Loop, an added advantage for management of personal tasks.

In conclusion, Microsoft Loop emerges as an efficient tool for task lists and team management. It is your 'go-to' stop for your team to plan, collaborate and create, thus enhancing productivity and effectiveness. So why wait? Start using Loop components with Microsoft Planner and To Do, to enjoy the seamless task management experience. Make sure you share your feedback and thoughts with Microsoft.

Note: This excellent feature of task list sync of Loop components in Outlook email and Teams chat is currently available in Preview.



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