OneNote Shortcuts You Wished You Knew Earlier
Mar 2, 2023 10:00 AM

OneNote Shortcuts You Wished You Knew Earlier

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OneNote is a great note taking app. You can improve your productivity and work faster in OneNote

OneNote is a great note taking app. You can improve your productivity and work faster in OneNote if you remember some of these useful OneNote shortcuts. In this video I’ll show you the best keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft OneNote to improve productivity and streamline your workflow. You’ll learn how to quickly add pages/sections, navigate faster in your notes, how to create To Dos and Flags, and how to efficiently use Search in OneNote.

In this Video

  • 00:00 Best OneNote Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity
  • 00:16 Which OneNote Version Should You Use?
  • 00:40 Create New Pages/Sections
  • 01:26 How to Navigate Faster
  • 04:41 How to Quickly Use Tables
  • 06:02 Add Tags and Outlook Flags
  • 07:54 Quickly Search in OneNote
  • 08:44 Full List of Shortcuts
  • 08:49 Wrap Up

OneNote shortcuts are a great way to save time and become more efficient. There are lots of OneNote shortcuts that you may not know about, but here are some of the most useful ones:

Ctrl+N – Create a new page in your notebook.

Ctrl+Shift+S – Synchronize changes made on all devices associated with the same account.

Alt + F4 – Close the currently open window or page in OneNote.

Alt + H + N – Quickly create a new note within an existing section of your notebook.

Ctrl + 1-9–Jump to any tab within the current section quickly by pressing Ctrl and one of these numbers corresponding to each tab (1 is leftmost).

Ctrl+K–Create a link from selected text or an image inside OneNote to another website, document or email address.

These shortcuts will help you get around faster in OneNote and make it easier to access information quickly!

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Frequently used shortcuts

And the Customize keyboard shortcuts currently is not available in OneNote like in Word 365 app. However, we can add the command to Quick Access Toolbar (add the commands you want shortcuts for to the Quick Access toolbar) in OneNote 365.

CTRL+E. OneNote can compile a lot notes in a lot of different places. Say you need to search through all of your documents for any mention of one specific word, this command will expand your search throughout all notebooks and tabs in OneNote.

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