OneDrive Request files
Sep 1, 2023 8:30 PM

OneDrive Request files

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Very useful feature in #OneDrive. #requestfiles #onedrivetips Create a folder link. Send it. External people can upload files here. They cannot edit or view fil

The file request feature in OneDrive or Sharepoint lets users specify a folder where others can upload files through a link that is sent out. The recipients of the file request can upload files but are unable to view the folder contents, edit, delete or download files or see who else has uploaded files. The sender does not need a OneDrive account to receive files through this feature. All sent files are saved in a chosen folder and every file will have a prefix for easy identification of the uploader.

  • If a file with a similar name is uploaded, OneDrive automatically adds a number to its name for differentiation.
  • Recipients of the file request cannot view or edit the OneDrive contents.
  • To send a file request, select the folder for upload in OneDrive, choose "Request files", and then input a descriptive name for the intended files.
  • Copy the request link and send to the intended recipients or enter their email addresses directly. There is an option to include a message in the email being sent out.
  • A notification is sent out whenever a file is uploaded to the file request folder.
  • The descriptive name of the file request can be edited.

Exploring the File Request Feature in OneDrive

The file request feature is a valuable tool in OneDrive enabling users to collect files in a specific, named folder. This method offers a high degree of security as the uploaders cannot access or modify the content of the OneDrive. Unique identifiers on file names simplify the process of file management. Furthermore, the feature provides the convenience of receiving files from individuals who do not possess a OneDrive account. Configuring such requests is straightforward and notifications serve to keep the user updated on new uploads.

Learn about OneDrive Request files

The main topic of the text is the file request feature in OneDrive or SharePoint. This feature allows users to choose a folder where others can upload files using a link that is sent to them. People who respond to the request can only upload files, but they cannot view or edit the contents of the folder. To request files, users must select the folder they want files to be uploaded to and select "Request files". They must then enter a descriptive name for the files they are requesting and choose who to send the file request to. Once done, they will receive a notification when someone uploads files to the folder. To edit the name of the file request, they must select the folder and select "Request Files" again.


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