Advanced OneDrive: Speedy & Personalized Cloud Storage
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Sep 30, 2023 7:20 AM

Advanced OneDrive: Speedy & Personalized Cloud Storage

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Revamp your file storage with Microsoft OneDrive - Personalized, secure, and efficient cloud storage solutions.

Improved OneDrive: Swift, Customizable Cloud Storage Solutions with Microsoft

Microsoft's OneDrive, the versatile platform for remote access and secure file collaboration, is evolving to meet the demands of rapid work flows and relentless task-switching. To simplify access and file sharing, OneDrive introduces new features and functionality.

The main focus of the upgrade starts right at the revamped OneDrive home page, extending all the way across the Microsoft 365 file sharing experiences. This change sets out to aid users to effortlessly reach their files while providing a seamless approach to content organisation across personal, joint, and team files.

Throughout a day, a user could handle a slew of files including Office documents, meeting recordings, and videos, among others. The advanced OneDrive Home experience leverages AI-powered file recommendations ("For you" area) and rich, context-based organisation tactics to streamline content access. These advancements collectively enhance the overall productivity levels. With this, the new home experience is now available in OneDrive for work and school setups with prospective AI file recommendations on the horizon. More information on this can be found here.

Discover and Collaborate on Files Simply

While OneDrive enables efficient joint efforts on files, locating the shared files can prove challenging. Addressing this problem, OneDrive introduces the new Shared view, where you can find all your shared files served in a simple layout, regardless of the sharing source. This feature is set for rollout within the current quarter.

Moreover, OneDrive's new People view catalogues your files considering the people with whom you collaborate. By recognising the human element in collaborations, it ensures quicker access to jointly-editable files. This feature, expected to ship later this year, will also offer swift access to people and activity previews to keep track of collaborations effectively.

OneDrive also introduces a Meetings view to simplify file tracking amidst meeting invites, recordings, and chats. The new feature shows all the files shared during your meetings and upcoming meetings. These enhancements are also due to roll out later this year.

Personalized OneDrive Experience

To refine your search even further, OneDrive is equipping you with filters that drill down to specific file types such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files. Once a specific view is chosen, you can continue to carry out a search within that filtered view.

Additionally, in response to requests for customization options, OneDrive will soon allow folder color changes. This feature will add uniqueness to your OneDrive while helping you locate content more quickly. Alongside, OneDrive also introduces features to manage and locate significant files. You can now favorite files with a familiar 'star-tap' experience and keep track of all these favorites in a unified view. The feature to add File Shortcut links within existing folders is also coming later this year.

Streamlined file sharing across Microsoft 365

In line with the objective of delivering a unified file sharing experience, OneDrive's sharing dialog has been revamped to reduce clutter and improve "copy link" experience. This new sharing dialog is expected to launch later this year.

Furthermore, these innovative features will be accessible in the Files app in Teams, ensuring a consistent OneDrive experience whether you are using a browser or working from Microsoft Teams. The OneDrive experience within Teams will mirror the look and feel of OneDrive for web, poised to be released by the year-end.

Beyond the online realm, OneDrive also offers better offline solutions. For instance, the forthcoming "Available when offline" feature will permit offline work on files, directly from the browser, with changes automatically syncing back to OneDrive upon regaining online access.

Open Any File from OneDrive in Its Native Desktop App

Including non-Office formats like .PDFs, .JPEGs, and MP4s, the new Open in App feature allows users to open any file from OneDrive for Web in its native desktop app. These major revamps aim to streamline file access, reduce the stress of file discovery, and save time with at-a-glance activity updates. Through these, OneDrive almost seems to be a platform where files find you.

Microsoft OneDrive encourages user feedback and holds open office hours where they answer user questions, demo new features, and share upcoming plans. Users are welcome to sign up for such sessions and actively participate in the shaping of their cloud storage experiences.

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OneDrive - Advanced OneDrive: Speedy & Personalized Cloud Storage

Learn about OneDrive Enhanced: Fast, Personalized Cloud Storage Solutions

As a Microsoft expert, let me present you with this incredible tool from Microsoft - OneDrive, an efficient and personalized cloud storage solution. Its purpose is to keep your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Now, more than ever, when tasks are piling up and deadlines are looming, access to shared files needs to be quick, simple, and seamless. In response to this urgent need, OneDrive is evolving.

The all-new OneDrive interface for work and school is a visual and functional upgrade that reduces the time taken to find and share your files, allowing you to be more productive. Not only will it allow you to access all your personal, shared, and team files quicker, it also automatically organizes your content in an intuitive manner.

Through AI-powered file recommendations, this new "For You" area surfaces files based on your recent activities, bringing the most relevant, time-sensitive content to the top of the drive. Rich, context-based organization like recent, shared, and files related to meetings are also introduced. This will significantly reduce the time required to find your files, enabling you to focus on your tasks.

OneDrive has also recognized the struggle associated with locating shared files and has introduced the new Shared view, offering a consolidated view of all files that have been shared with you. This feature aims to streamline your search regardless of where the files were shared or who shared them. Deployment of this new functionality will commence this quarter.

Frequent collaborators will find the new People view fascinating as it organizes files based on the people you are working with. This adaptive experience keeps you updated on collaboration happenings without having to open each file individually. All collaborators will be listed in the view for easy access, and this functionality is expected to be shipped later this year.

OneDrive is introducing a Meetings view to minimize the time spent hunting through meeting invites, recordings, and chats for files. This provides a single location for files shared during meetings and captures all meeting-related content, even for meetings you missed. Deploying later this year, this could change how you manage your meeting resources.

Apart from these features, filters are being added to allow you to narrow down files based on their types, be it Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF files. This further accelerates the search process, making OneDrive an even more user-friendly platform.

In OneDrive's ongoing commitment to offering personalized experiences, users will soon have the option to color-code their folders for easy identification. This will add a touch of personality to your drive and is anticipated to be introduced later this year.

Favorite files in the drive can now easily be managed with the familiar ‘star-tap’ experience found in other Microsoft 365 apps. The new File Shortcut links will enable you to quickly revisit shared content without having to navigate through numerous shared files. These features will prove handy in the efficient management of your files.

With the sharing experience improved and the dialog less cluttered, sharing files across the Microsoft 365 apps will now be easier and quicker. The “copy link” experience has also been improved, simplifying file sharing. Stay tuned for further enhancements coming later this year.

All these updates will soon be available on Microsoft Teams' Files app as well. So, whether you are working on OneDrive in your browser or on Microsoft Teams, ease-of-use will be consistent.

Next up, OneDrive will provide a new feature, “Available when offline”, which will allow you to continue working on files while offline, with changes automatically syncing to the drive once you are back online.

Finally, the “Open in App” feature allows you to open and edit non-Office files like PDFs, JPEGs, and MP4s, in desktop apps. Changes made are synced to your drive once you hit “save”, making your work process seamless and efficient. The experience of navigating through files just got a lot easier with OneDrive.

We appreciate your interest and invite your feedback. If you are a commercial or educational customer, we’d love to hear from you during our Office Hours. Do join us and share your experiences, as it would be a valuable addition to our quest for constant product improvement.

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