October 2023 Release: On-Premises Data Gateway Update
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Oct 24, 2023 7:00 PM

October 2023 Release: On-Premises Data Gateway Update

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Unveiling Microsofts October 2023 on-premises data gateway release: New PowerShell cmdlet, SAP NCo library compatibility, and more!

Microsoft's On-Premises Data Gateway Receives Massive October 2023 Update

Microsoft has recently released an important update for their On-Premises Data Gateway this October 2023. This update, dubbed version 3000.190.17, brings about several changes and enhancements that users have been looking forward to.

A notable highlight of this update includes a new PowerShell cmdlet, which will aid in adding a gateway to an existing cluster. This function is particularly useful for managing gateways in the cloud environment.

Also, the on-premises data gateway will now be in sync with the October 2023 release of Power BI Desktop, providing users with consistent query execution logic. Data managing system will be seamless regardless of the platform.

To make the most of the new PowerShell cmdlet, your gateway version must be beyond `3000.162.9` (Feb 2023), and it requires PowerShell 7 or higher. The introduction of new cmdlet gives you the ability to programmatically add a gateway to an existing cluster on any machine where you have admin permissions. For more information and guidelines, refer to Microsoft's online documentation.

Addition of new gateway to an existing cluster follows a simple process. First, you must install the DataGateway module, then proceed to login to the gateway as an administrator. Lastly, existing cluster addition can be executed by adding a new gateway.

You'll have to provide three parameters; GatewayName (string), RecoveryKey (Secure string), and GatewayClusterId (Guid). These entries would then be used for encryption/decryption by the gateway for on-prem credentials.

Example prompts for these tasks have been provided in the release notes for both creating and registering a new gateway, as well as securely storing the encrypted recovery key.

In another notable change, users of the SAP ERP connector in Power Apps and Power Automate will need to upgrade the SAP NCo library from 3.0 to 3.1 to ensure compatibility with the new on-premises data gateway. Failing to upgrade might lead to the malfunctioning of connections and flows.

SAP Connector for .NET 3.0 (NCo 3.0) allows developers to utilize BAPIs and remote-enabled function modules in any .NET application, marking a significant step toward enhanced flexibility for developers.

Lastly, tracking of artifacts such as dataflows and datasets have been made easier, thanks to the inclusion of Artifact Ids in logging. The new improvements render enabling additional logging unnecessary for Artifact Id access.

With the arrival of this October 2023 release, Microsoft continues to be committed toward enhancing user experience and functionality of their On-Premises Data Gateway. They encourage users' feedback and suggestions for future improvements, thus promoting a user-first approach to technology.

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Databases - October 2023 Release: On-Premises Data Gateway Update

Learn about On-premises data gateway October 2023 release

Welcome to October! I am here to share significant announcements for October 2023 revolving around the on-premises data gateway (version 3000.190.17). This release introduces crucial updates that will be beneficial to anyone dealing with data management and various Microsoft systems.

You'll be delighted to hear about our highly anticipated PowerShell cmdlet that can add a data gateway to an already existing cluster. But before we delve into the details, let's quickly cover some basics.

Data Gateway

For those unaware, a data gateway acts as a bridge that provides secure and quick data transfer between on-site data, like SQL Server, SharePoint, and others and cloud-based services such as Power BI, Power Apps, Logic Apps and more.

October 2023 Release Highlights

  • The news of a PowerShell cmdlet to add gateway to cluster
  • An upgrade to the SAP NCo library to ensure compatibility
  • The presence of Artifact Ids in logs without the need for additional logging
  • Our update resulting in Power BI Desktop compatibility

This updated version of the gateway thereby aligns with the October 2023 release of Power BI Desktop, ensuring your published reports via the gateway go through the same query execution logic/run-time as in the October version of Power BI Desktop.

New PowerShell cmdlet to add gateway cluster member

We are thrilled to introduce a new cmdlet to our DataGateway PowerShell cmdlets, primarily designed to programmatically add a gateway to an existing cluster. This cmdlet could prove extremely useful when managing gateways in the cloud.

Before using the cmdlet, make sure your gateway version is `3000.162.9` (Feb 2023) or higher. These cmdlets need Powershell 7 or higher. For more information, please check our online documentation which includes appropriate installation guidelines.

Adding a new gateway to an existing cluster – An Overview

Adding a new gateway to an existing cluster involves four steps:

  • Install the DataGateway module
  • Login to the gateway as a gateway admin
  • Add a new gateway to your existing gateway cluster
  • Register the new gateway to the local machine

SAP NCo library upgrade required

A critical message to the SAP ERP USERS: The October release of the on-premises data gateway compels an upgrade of the SAP NCo library from 3.0 to 3.1 to certify compatibility. If the upgrades are not executed at the same time, connections and flows will fail, please note that.

Each SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET 3.0 (NCo 3.0) authorizes developers to utilize BAPIs and remote-enabled function modules in any .NET application (inside-out). Equally, you can access .NET components from any ABAP application by putting into operation an RFC server in .NET (outside-in).

Artifact Ids in logging

We have made it easier to track artifacts like dataflows and datasets by adding related information to the logs. For this improvement, update to the June 2023 version or later.

In conclusion, your feedback is tremendously important to us. Continue providing us with your insights on which capabilities you'd like to see in the future! Please vote for your favorite feature suggestions at Ideas (powerbi.com).

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