Office 365 There’s a new font in town
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Aug 8, 2023 4:00 PM

Office 365 There’s a new font in town

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You may have heard, read or noticed that there is a new Microsoft default typeface called Aptos. As I have an interest in typography, I thought it might be nice

Microsoft has introduced a new default typeface named Aptos for Office 365. The new font has ignited interest in typography, leading some to compare various Microsoft fonts used over the years. It's important to note that the default fonts can only be changed in Outlook (web and desktop), Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote desktop, and not in the web versions, although the font can be changed per document in the web versions. However, the option to change the default font is located in different places across the 365 suite.

  • Office 365 now features a new font called Aptos.
  • Font can be compared through embedding a PDF created from a Microsoft Word document.
  • Changing of default fonts is possible only in certain apps.
  • The option to change the default font is spread across the 365 suite.

Some users have expressed frustration about how the fonts and images can disrupt the layout. Despite the introduction of Aptos, there are users who prefer sticking with the Arial font due to personal preferences. The new typeface has incited mixed reactions.


Deeper Dive Into Microsoft's New Typeface, Aptos

The introduction of the Aptos typeface marks a significant change in Microsoft's typography. Aptos enjoys a unique aura and offers a fresh look to Office 365. Changing the default font necessitates navigating various locations in the 365 suite, adding a bit of complexity. User's options are further limited considering these changes can be made only in particular apps, excluding the web versions. Despite some users expressing preference for the older Arial font, the launch of Aptos indeed serves as a fascinating development in Microsoft's typography journey.


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Office 365 has recently released a new default typeface called Aptos. To show how different types look in writing, an embedded PDF was created out of a Microsoft Word document. The PDF demonstrates the different Microsoft fonts used over the years. To change the default font in Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, it is necessary to go to various places across the 365 suite. It is also possible to change the font for each document in the web version of Outlook. After viewing the PDF, the writer has set their defaults to Arial. What do you think about the new type?


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