Microsoft 365 Updates and Features in October
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Oct 31, 2023 5:00 PM

Microsoft 365 Updates and Features in October

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Unlock the latest Microsoft 365 Features revealed in October with our top Microsoft expert guide Dan!

This blog poat from Dan a comprehensive summary of recent updates and new features across various Microsoft products, including OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, Viva, and the Microsoft Graph API. The author highlights enhancements in file synchronization, user interface improvements, integration of video editing tools, customization options, live event capabilities, and advancements in internal communication and analytics. The excitement around the upcoming Copilot launch in November is also mentioned, showcasing Microsoft's continuous effort to evolve its platform and offer more value to its users.
Unlock the latest Microsoft 365 Features revealed in October with our top Microsoft expert guide Dan!

OneDrive Updates:

  • Cross Tenant OneDrive Migrations: A long-awaited feature with details still to come.
  • Sync Improvements: Better user warnings to prevent accidental file deletions and the upcoming 'open in app' feature supporting various file types, including CAD files, releasing in December.

Clipchamp Integration:

  • Now more deeply integrated within the M365 ecosystem, enhancing its utility for video-related work.

App Bar Customization:

  • Users can now personalize the Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online (SPO) app bar. However, this overrides admin-configured settings and prevents further admin edits.

Power Platform Enhancements:

Preferred Solutions:

  • Users can set a default solution for Power Platform customizations, streamlining the workflow.

New Power Automate Editor:

  • A significant update with a modernized editor, fewer pop-ups, and a multiline expression editor.

Microsoft Teams Updates:

Town Halls in Teams:

  • Enhanced live event capabilities with support for up to 20,000 attendees, 50 concurrent streams, a green room feature, and more.

Loop Components in Teams Channels:

  • Integration of loop components in Teams channels, with loop files stored directly in the Teams channel’s SharePoint site.

Viva Enhancements:

Viva Connections:

  • Introduction of dark mode, improved analytics, new card options, and a direct Graph data pull capability without custom coding.

Viva Engage:

  • New post type “Article,” better analytics, and post scheduling features.

Viva Goals:

  • General availability of Copilot for quicker and smoother OKR setups.

Viva Amplify:

  • Now generally available, offering a unified platform for internal communications across various products.

Viva Home:

  • Launch of a central home page for Viva, extending the availability of Viva apps to the web.

Graph Activity Log:

  • A new feature for tracking and understanding the usage of Microsoft Graph in your tenant.

In Conclusion:

Microsoft continues to evolve its platform, adding value and enhancing user experience across various applications. The upcoming Copilot launch in November is highly anticipated, alongside the array of updates across OneDrive, Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, and Viva.

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