Microsoft Ignite: NVIDIA Enhances Azure with New AI Capabilities
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Nov 14, 2023 12:42 AM

Microsoft Ignite: NVIDIA Enhances Azure with New AI Capabilities

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Explore NVIDIAs AI capabilities on Microsoft Azure at the Microsoft Ignite conference, driving enterprise innovation and digitalization.

NVIDIA has announced new AI and Machine Learning capabilities for Microsoft Azure, timed with the Microsoft Ignite conference, happening from November 14-17 in Seattle. The collaboration aims to facilitate instant access to AI supercomputing for enterprises. This was detailed in a blog post on November 10, 2023, by Rohil Bhargava.

AI is pivotal in driving modern innovation, compelling businesses to integrate it into their operations and offerings. The alliance between NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure offers state-of-the-art AI infrastructure and software, helping overcome complex tasks. NVIDIA will display its AI solutions junto with Microsoft Azure at the Microsoft Ignite conference.

One of the focal products mentioned is NVIDIA DGX Cloud on Microsoft Azure, which enables the training of generative AI models and supports other sophisticated applications. Another key announcement is the availability of NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud on Microsoft Azure, aimed at digitalizing industrial processes like virtual factory creation and autonomous vehicle validation.

NVIDIA's GPU-accelerated virtual machines on Azure, including ND H100 v5-series with NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking, promise a substantial increase in performance. These are designed to manage demanding AI training and inference workloads efficiently.

The blog post also highlights several Microsoft Ignite sessions where NVIDIA and Microsoft technologies' industrial impacts will be examined. Discussions will include NVIDIA DGX Cloud aiding generative AI applications, confidential computing on Azure ensuring data and AI model safety, and the streamline of AI deployment using NVIDIA AI Enterprise in Azure Machine Learning.

Additional sessions cover NVIDIA's integration with Azure Machine Learning to simplify building, deploying, and scaling AI. The focus is on ease of use, showcasing a flow from model tuning to deployment. Furthermore, NVIDIA's Ian Buck and Microsoft's Nidhi Chappell will host a session on Azure's AI infrastructure for innovation.

There will also be a roundtable discussion on generative AI, looking at platform selection, cost-effective AI strategies, and more. The NVIDIA showcase page for Microsoft Ignite provides further information on all the upcoming offerings and events.

Expanding AI and Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, AI and Machine Learning are increasingly becoming essential tools for businesses to remain competitive. Microsoft Azure, in collaboration with industry giant NVIDIA, is enhancing these capabilities to provide scalable, state-of-the-art supercomputing resources that cater to a variety of complex business needs. With seamless integration of NVIDIA's advanced AI solutions within Azure's cloud infrastructure, enterprises are now empowered to accelerate their AI initiatives—from developing generative AI models to implementing confidential computing that meets strict regulatory standards. These advancements not only streamline the AI deployment processes but also pave the way for groundbreaking innovations in various industries. As stakeholders and practitioners gather at Microsoft Ignite, they're poised to explore, learn, and exchange insights about leveraging these new AI and Machine Learning potentials to redefine the future of technology and business.


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AI + Machine Learning - Microsoft Ignite: NVIDIA Enhances Azure with New AI Capabilities

Learn about NVIDIA Brings New Production AI Capabilities to Microsoft Azure at Microsoft Ignite


The Collaboration of NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure on AI Supercomputing

NVIDIA, a pioneer in the tech industry, recently teamed up with Microsoft Azure. This alliance aims to meet the rising demand for AI by offering innovative AI infrastructure and software to organizations grappling with challenging workloads.

The necessity of AI has increased exponentially in the innovation realm. It offers immense potential to organizations in enhancing operations efficiency, designing better customer offerings, and facilitating new business opportunities.

The collaboration between NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure was declared at Microsoft Ignite, an annual technology conference hosted in Seattle. At the event, NVIDIA showcased its top-notch AI solutions portfolio integrated with Microsoft Azure.

Among the presented solutions was NVIDIA DGX Cloud, accessible through Microsoft Azure. This solution empowers organizations to train models suitable for generative AI and support other advanced applications.

NVIDIA also aims to boost the digital transformation of industrial operations with a full-stack service, NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, hosted on Microsoft Azure. This service facilitates businesses with instantaneous access, allowing them to design, deploy, and administer their digitalized operations effectively.

Besides, NVIDIA offers GPU-accelerated virtual machines on Azure that includes the recently announced ND H100 v5-series. Powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking, these virtual machines enable performance and scalability leap, indispensable for the most challenging AI training and workload interference.

Further Enhancements in the AI World With NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure

In a bid to further enable AI applications, NVIDIA, and Microsoft conducted several sessions during the Ignite conference focused on generative AI, data protection, streamlining AI deployments and more. These sessions illustrated how the integration of their technologies is revolutionizing industrial operations.

One of the spotlighted sessions unveiled how NVIDIA AI Enterprise in Azure Machine Learning helps enterprises build, deploy, and scale production AI seamlessly. The session demonstrated an end-to-end flow, from LLM fine-tuning to model customization with NVIDIA NeMo, and finally to deployment using NVIDIA Triton Inference Server and NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM.

The significance of AI was further discussed in a roundtable on generative AI, where insights on selecting the right platform for successful generative AI and making AI cost-effective were shared.

Ultimately, the collaboration of NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure demonstrates a significant stride in the realm of AI supercomputing. This partnership remains pivotal in leveraging AI capabilities to drive business innovation, efficiency, and growth.


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