Public Preview: Microsoft Teams Virtual Appointments for B2C Meetings
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Feb 7, 2023 4:36 PM

Public Preview: Microsoft Teams Virtual Appointments for B2C Meetings

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Unveiling Public Preview of New Teams Meeting Type for B2C - A Microsoft Expert Review!

Now in public preview: Virtual appointment - a new Teams Meeting

🔥 Customized meeting invitation

🔥 Without downloading Teams

🔥 Pre-appointment waiting room

“We’ve introduced Virtual Appointments as a new Teams meeting type accessible from directly within your Teams Calendar. This experience brings enhanced business-to-consumer meeting features into the lightweight and familiar Teams scheduling experience.”

The Virtual Appointments feature has been added to Teams as a new type of meeting accessible from the Teams Calendar. It provides enhanced business-to-consumer meeting features within the familiar Teams scheduling experience, making it easier for external guests to join the meeting without needing to learn new tools. External guests receive a customized invitation with appointment details and a quick-join button, allowing them to join the meeting from anywhere without downloading Teams and enter a waiting room before the meeting starts.