Maximize SharePoint List Power App with Unlimited Delegation
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Sep 23, 2023 7:00 PM

Maximize SharePoint List Power App with Unlimited Delegation

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Overcome SharePoint list delegation limits with our Power App template, enabling efficient data loading up to 100MB without premium connectors.

The author, Tyler Kolota, discusses a novel approach for dealing with large SharePoint list data. He highlights a template app and flow setup which enables filtering, searching, sorting and loading of SharePoint list data without falling prey to delegation limitations.

  • Usually, it is challenging to make a Power App retrieve more than 2000 items from a large SharePoint list, especially when using more refined filters and searches on non-standard fields like Created By column, multiline text column or several columns simultaneously.
  • This new template addresses that issue and does more. It uses a Power Automate flow and the ParseJSON() expression in Power Apps, thus eliminating SharePoint list delegation limitations and associated problems.
  • It allows loading a significantly larger number of SharePoint records into a Power App, up to 100MB worth.
  • A highlight of the app is its capability to bypass the SharePoint interface 5000 list view threshold. It displays many more than 5000 records on a screen without the need for premium connectors.

Understanding SharePoint and Power App Integration

Tyler Kolota's approach to dealing with SharePoint list data brings a paradigm shift to the traditional limitations experienced. This current set-up circumvents the usual restraint of getting a maximum of 2000 items from a SharePoint list by using a Power Automate flow and parsing JSON expression in Power Apps. The innovation allows users to load a larger number of SharePoint records into a Power App, which can span up to 100MB worth. It significantly mitigates the SharePoint interface 5000 list view threshold, presenting an app interface capable of displaying more than 5000 records on one screen, sans premium connectors. This development is a noteworthy improvement in the seamless integration of SharePoint and Power Apps.

Learn about No Delegation Limit - SharePoint List Power App

In this video, techniques are shared on how to handle large SharePoint list data without delegation limitations in Power Apps. This is accomplished with the use of a template app & Power Automate flow set-up, which allows more advanced filtering, searching, and loading of data, even on non-standard fields. The approach used in the video challenges the usual 2000 items limit in Power Apps, enabling the loading of significantly larger volumes of SharePoint records, up to 100MB worth.
Furthermore, the video introduces an efficient workaround to overcome SharePoint's 5000 list view threshold, avoiding the usage of premium connectors. This means that one can easily view more than 5000 records on a screen.

  • Learning Point: The video is a great resource to learn about handling large SharePoint data without delegation limits in Power Apps. It presents advanced filtering, searching, and sorting techniques, along with efficient ways to overcome SharePoint's 5000 list view threshold and loading larger volumes of SharePoint records.
  • How to learn more about this topic: To learn more about this topic, viewers can experiment with the techniques shared in the video or reach out to the SharePoint List Power App Community for further insights.
  • Recommended Training Courses: For those looking to get in-depth experience and expertise, Microsoft's Power Apps and Power Automate training courses would be interesting. These courses will likely provide additional techniques, methodologies, and best practices in handling large SharePoint list data.


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