Next Level Ken Burns Effect with PowerPoint Morph [Pan & Zoom Photos]
Jul 28, 2023 9:00 PM

Next Level Ken Burns Effect with PowerPoint Morph [Pan & Zoom Photos]

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Learn 4 different ways to create a Ken Burns Effect using PowerPoint Animation or Morph features. You can create a video style animation with just static pictur

The tutorial discusses four ways to implement the Ken Burns Effect using PowerPoint Morph, enabling video-like animations with static images. The video content covers these four methods:

  • Simple Movement Animation
  • Pan Animation Effect
  • Motion Path Animation Effect
  • Next Level Ken Burns Effect.
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Further Discussion on the Ken Burns Effect

The Ken Burns Effect refers to a type of panning and zooming effect used in video editing. It is named after filmmaker Ken Burns who applied this technique effectively in his work. Using PowerPoint Morph, one can easily mimic this effect with static images, creating a sense of dynamism and narrative which enhances the overall presentation experience.

Learn about Next Level Ken Burns Effect with PowerPoint Morph [Pan & Zoom Photos]

In this video tutorial, you will learn about the Ken Burns Effect and how to create it in PowerPoint using different animation and morph features. The Ken Burns Effect is used to create a video style animation using static pictures. You will learn four different ways to create the effect, which includes simple movement animation, pan animation effect, motion path animation effect, and the next level Ken Burns Effect. This tutorial will also introduce you to the Comprehensive All in One PowerPoint Templates Bundle 2.0 and Ramgopals PowerPoint Mastery Training Program that you can use to create amazing presentations.


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