Dataverse Plug-ins Boost Security with Virtual Networks!
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Apr 30, 2024 3:28 PM

Dataverse Plug-ins Boost Security with Virtual Networks!

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Boost Dataverse Plug-ins with Virtual Networks for Superior Security on Power Platform!

Key insights

  • Enhanced Security for Dataverse Plug-ins: Virtual network support is now available, improving outbound connection security to private network resources.
  • Optimized Connectivity: The solution is designed for API-centric workloads, with recommendations for handling ETL workloads through a virtual network data gateway.
  • Compliance and Protection: Customers can protect their data and resources from unauthorized access by managing egress traffic according to network policy.
  • Integration with Microsoft Copilot Studio: Enables secure data integration and processing by leveraging network security capabilities of Power Platform.
  • Availability and Guidance: General availability for all customers in the public cloud, with comprehensive instructions for enabling and utilizing the feature.

Unlocking Next-Level Connectivity and Security with Dataverse and Power Platform

The introduction of virtual network support for Dataverse plug-ins within Microsoft Power Platform marks a significant advancement in securing outbound connections to private network resources. This feature, leveraging Azure subnet delegation, allows businesses to create a more secure and controlled environment for their data flows, aligning egress traffic management with their network policies. It's specifically optimized for API-centric workloads, with a separate recommended approach for ETL workloads through the use of virtual network data gateways.

One of the key benefits of this innovation is its capacity to protect sensitive data and resources from unauthorized access without the need to expose protected resources to the internet or adjust firewall rules to accommodate Power Platform services. This development not only enhances compliance with security standards but also simplifies the management and operation of outbound connectivity for Power Apps, Power Automate, and Dynamics 365 apps.

Further enriching the Power Platform's capabilities, Microsoft Copilot Studio introduces a scenario that showcases the secure data integration potential of this setup. It exemplifies how businesses can securely fetch customer data from Web APIs within their Azure network, further emphasizing the practical applications of this improved security measure. This reinforces the Power Platform's position as a vital tool in the current interconnected digital landscape, providing businesses with the means to securely integrate and manage their data.

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Microsoft Dataverse - Dataverse Plug-ins Boost Security with Virtual Networks!

Next-Level Connectivity Security with Microsoft Dataverse Plug-ins

Microsoft Dataverse Plug-ins now support virtual networks, greatly enhancing security for outbound connections to private network resources. This feature is now widely available within the Power Platform and leverages Azure Subnet Delegation. Customers can assign subnets to Power Platform, ensuring outbound traffic is managed according to network policies.

The introduction of virtual network support for Plug-ins within the Power Platform is a significant development for Microsoft customers. This allows for the protection of outbound connections to internal network resources, based on Azure subnet delegation. As a result, egress traffic from the Power Platform can be securely managed in line with company network policies.

Power Platform offers a tailored approach to secure outbound connectivity, especially when using Microsoft Dataverse plug-ins and Power Platform Connectors. For Power BI and Power Platform Dataflows, a virtual network data gateway is recommended, optimized for ETL workloads. This is a boon for customers with strict security and compliance requirements, enabling secure data integration without exposing sensitive data or resources.

Key benefits include preventing the exposure of VNet-protected resources on the internet and avoiding the necessity to whitelist Power Platform IP’s ranges for resource access. This feature supports secure private outbound connectivity from Microsoft Dataverse plug-ins, enhancing data integration security with external data sources within a private network for Power Apps, Power Automate, and Dynamics 365 apps.

  • Microsoft Copilot Studio offers secure data integration solutions.
  • Secure fetching of customer data from a Web API hosted in Azure is showcased.
  • Includes initiating Power Automate flows and secure calls to Web APIs via the Dataverse Plug-in.

The availability of virtual network support extends to all customers in the public cloud, with licensing details available online. Users are encouraged to enable this feature and explore the provided resources and step-by-step instructions.

Deep Dive into Enhanced Connectivity Security

With the introduction of virtual network support for Microsoft Dataverse plug-ins within the Power Platform, securing outbound connections has reached a new level of convenience and safety. This significant update means businesses can ensure their sensitive data does not get exposed to the unauthorized internet and remains protected within their private networks, boosting compliance with security practices.

The integration of Azure Subnet Delegation allows for more granular control over traffic, ensuring that data flows adhere to strict network policies. Users benefit from enhanced security measures, like the ability to control access without needing to expose internal resources or whitelist IP ranges extensively. This development is particularly beneficial for organizations looking to protect their outbound data transmissions from Power Platform services, including Power Apps, Power Automate, and Dynamics 365 applications.

Moreover, Microsoft Copilot Studio's role in demonstrating the security capabilities of the Power Platform is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to secure data integration. By facilitating secure data retrieval and integration scenarios, Microsoft Dataverse and Copilot Studio prove indispensable for modern businesses aiming to maintain high-security standards. Indeed, this update is a milestone for users who seek to leverage the full power of the Power Platform while ensuring their data integration practices meet the stringent demands of today’s digital world.

People also ask

What is plugin in Dataverse?

A plugin refers to a custom event handler designed to execute in reaction to a certain event that occurs while data operations are being processed in Microsoft Dataverse. This plugin is crafted as a custom class and compiled into a .NET Framework assembly. Once prepared, it can be uploaded to and registered with Dataverse to trigger specific operations or responses.

What is Power Platform inside vNet?

Within the context of virtual networks, the support for Power Platform is considered the exclusive supported method for facilitating all outbound connectivity scenarios from the Power Platform, with the sole exceptions of Power BI and Power Platform dataflows. These exceptions—Power BI and Power Platform dataflows—continue to rely on the usage of a virtual network (vNet) data gateway for their operations.


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