New Teams Update 2024: Boost Your Meetings With New Features
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Jan 22, 2024 8:00 PM

New Teams Update 2024: Boost Your Meetings With New Features

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Elevate your meetings with Microsoft Teams new customizable views and seamless joining features in 2024!

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Microsoft Teams is kicking off 2024 with new meeting enhancements designed to improve customization, presentation, and efficiency for users. The Teams product team is focusing on evolving the virtual meeting experience, introducing updates that streamline the way meetings are conducted.

Central to the updates are customizable meeting views. Teams is refreshing its default gallery to show equally sized tiles for all participants, with AI optimizations for active speakers and raised hands to boost engagement. The updates also include a customizable gallery size and the option to hide or move your own video tile.

Additional enhancements offer more customization, such as the ability to prioritize video tiles and a new Light Theme for the Teams interface. Public Preview will be available starting this month, showcasing these gallery view updates.

Updates have also been made to the meeting join process to increase user efficiency. These updates consist of a revamped invite design, a shortened meeting URL, and the seamless ability to join Teams (free) meetings from Teams for work and vice versa, all rolling out in February and the second quarter of the year.

Meeting audio and video controls are being streamlined. Users will be able to select devices and manage settings through new flyouts within Teams meetings for a more efficient in-meeting experience. Moreover, background selection and camera adjustments can easily be made during the meeting.

Finally, Together Mode is improved with a new content sharing layout that promotes natural connection among participants, furthering the front row experience and reducing meeting fatigue. This new layout is set to be in Public Preview in early February.


Teams - 2024 Teams Update: Boost Your Meetings With New Features


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