How to Update or Revert Your Power BI Desktop Home
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Apr 11, 2024 10:16 PM

How to Update or Revert Your Power BI Desktop Home

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Explore the NEW Power BI Desktop Home - Features & Tips to Revert to Classic View!

Key insights


  • The new version of Power BI Desktop Home has received a major update, offering features and a guide to revert to the old style if preferred.
  • Power BI Home acts as a central hub for all Power BI content, simplifying tasks by consolidating them into a single location.
  • Users can open new or recommended reports directly from the new and recommended sections in Power BI Desktop Home.
  • A quick access list in Power BI Home displays recently accessed, shared, or recommended files, facilitating easier collaboration.
  • Viewing reports in Power BI Desktop Home necessitates specific access and subscription requirements, alongside considerations for certain types of users and reports.

Exploring the Latest Power BI Desktop Home Updates

The recent updates to Power BI Desktop Home signify a considerable enhancement in user experience for data professionals utilizing the Power BI platform. These updates aim to streamline the data visualization process, making it more accessible and efficient for users to manage their data analytics tasks. The introduction of a central hub via Power BI Home is a standout feature, designed to reduce the complexity of navigating through various menus and improving the workflow for report creation and sharing.

Opening new and recommended reports has been simplified, with the interface now including dedicated sections for quick access. This improves the overall user experience by making it easier to find and work with relevant reports. Additionally, the quick access list and the inclusion of shared files support collaborative efforts within organizations, allowing teams to work more effectively on shared data projects.

However, certain considerations and limitations highlight the need for appropriate licensing and the potential restrictions for B2B and anonymous users or specific types of reports. These updates, along with anticipated feedback system improvements, reflect Power BI's commitment to evolving its tools in response to user needs and feedback, ensuring the platform remains a pivotal resource for data analytics professionals.


Exploring the New Power BI Desktop Home Interface

New enhancements have arrived at the Power BI Desktop Home, offering users an enriched experience with a major update. Pragmatic Works takes us through the update, detailing the new features and advising on how to revert to the previous version if preferred. Power BI Home now serves as the central hub, streamlining access to various tasks and reducing the need to navigate through multiple menus.

The Power BI Desktop Home introduces a simple way to start new projects or access recommended reports. By expanding the 'New' section, users can effortlessly create a report, opening up a blank canvas for data visualization. Moreover, the 'Recommended' section suggests files based on recent interactions, making frequently used reports easily accessible.

Efficiency is further improved with the Quick Access list, which displays recently opened files along with their details. In addition, a 'Shared with Me' button enhances collaboration, organizing shared files conveniently. However, to take advantage of viewing capabilities in Power BI Home, specific licensing requirements must be met.

It's important to recognize the limitations and considerations while using Power BI Home. Restrictions apply to B2B and anonymous users, and certain organizational settings may limit features. Additionally, personal OneDrive accounts and sovereign cloud tenants are incompatible. The feedback mechanism is set to evolve in 2024, with a transition to a new system.

In conclusion, the latest version of Power BI Home introduces significant improvements to enhance user experience and promote efficiency. Pragmatic Works' exploration of these updates provides a clear understanding, ensuring users can fully leverage the new interface while keeping in mind the availability based on license and organizational settings.

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Power BI - How to Update or Revert Your Power BI Desktop Home


People also ask

How do I revert back to a previous version of Power BI?

To revert to a previous version, utilize the Version History feature.

How do I get the old format pane in Power BI?

Navigate through File > Options and settings > Options > Preview Features, and then deselect the New format pane. Following this action, proceed to restart the Power BI Desktop.

How do I turn off the new format pane in Power BI?

To disable the new format pane, the process detailed earlier should be followed thoroughly.

Are there different versions of Power BI desktop?

Power BI licenses are categorized into three distinct per-user types: Power BI Free, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Premium Per User (PPU). The appropriate license type depends on the storage location of your content, how you engage with it, and whether it leverages Premium capabilities.



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