Microsoft Forms Launches New Apps for Web & Desktop
Jan 4, 2024 1:00 AM

Microsoft Forms Launches New Apps for Web & Desktop

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New Microsoft Forms Apps in Browser and Desktop have been released, making form creation more accessible. Previously, you had to visit the Forms website to create a form or quiz. Now, Microsoft has introduced a new Forms App that can be used directly within your browser or as a desktop app.

The new Forms App offers an identical experience to the website, allowing users to create forms and quizzes with ease. It features AI suggestions for questions and a variety of themes for customization. When a form is ready, sharing it is simple and straightforward from within the app itself.

It's important to note that the Forms app requires an internet connection to function. Currently, it is not available for offline use. Microsoft Forms has become recognized as a straightforward tool for creating and distributing online surveys, quizzes, and polls, all available for free with a Microsoft account.

The application is part of the Microsoft 365 suite and is a diverse tool suitable for a range of activities. One can use Forms to gather feedback, create quizzes for knowledge assessment, or conduct polls to collect opinions. Additionally, Forms can be used to gather data for various purposes.

  • Gathering feedback: Forms enables the creation of surveys for feedback from various groups.
  • Conducting quizzes and polls: Forms is useful for creating quizzes and polls to assess or gather opinions.
  • Collecting data: Forms can be used as a tool for data collection for research or other initiatives.

Forms provides key features that enhance its versatility and ease of use. It allows for quick creation, offers customization options, and presents results in real time. Moreover, it includes analytics tools for data review and options to export data for further analysis.

For example, teachers can benefit greatly from using Forms. They can easily create quizzes with a mix of question types, distribute them to students, and then analyze responses and results in real time to monitor student performance.

There are multiple benefits that come with using Microsoft Forms. It offers time savings by transitioning from paper-based surveys and the ability to gain valuable insights into various groups' opinions and knowledge. It also fosters a culture of feedback within your organization or educational environment.

Overall, Microsoft Forms stands out as a flexible and efficient tool for numerous purposes. It is particularly effective for collecting feedback, administering quizzes, and acquiring data, solidifying its place as a valuable asset in digital collaboration and data gathering.


Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a dynamic tool within the Microsoft ecosystem designed to create customized quizzes, surveys, and polls efficiently and effectively. Whether it be for educational purposes, business insights, or academic research, Forms facilitates a broad range of data collection needs. Its intuitive design and comprehensive features allow users to gather significant feedback and insights quickly, making instant data-driven decisions possible. With the advent of the new Forms app, Microsoft continues to enhance user engagement and productivity across various platforms.


Forms - Microsoft Forms Launches New Apps for Web & Desktop

People also ask

What has happened to Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms continues to be a part of the Microsoft 365 suite, evolving with new features and integrations. It is a tool used for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls. Users should note any recent updates or changes by checking the official Microsoft 365 roadmap or updates page.

Can you get Microsoft Forms on desktop?

Microsoft Forms is primarily a web-based application accessible through a browser. However, users can access it on their desktop by using the Office mobile app or by integrating it with Microsoft Teams, if they prefer a more desktop-oriented experience.

What is the difference between a new quiz and a new form in Microsoft Forms?

The main difference lies in their intended use. A new form is typically used for surveys and polls to collect information or feedback without right or wrong answers. On the other hand, a new quiz is designed to evaluate knowledge, with correct answers preset by the quiz creator and features like automatic grading.

Is there an app version of Microsoft Forms?

There isn't a standalone Microsoft Forms application for desktop or mobile devices. Microsoft Forms is accessible through a web browser and can also be used within other applications such as the Office mobile app or Microsoft Teams.


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