NEW: How to Add Checkbox in Excel
Nov 18, 2023 4:00 AM

NEW: How to Add Checkbox in Excel

by HubSite 365 about Kevin Stratvert

Content Creator & former Microsoft Product Manager

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Uncover how to utilize Excels interactive checkbox feature to enhance your worksheets and reports with our comprehensive tutorial.

In a recent tutorial by Kevin Stratvert, viewers are shown how to insert checkboxes in Microsoft's popular spreadsheet software, Excel. With this feature, spreadsheets become more interactive, allowing for functionality like checklists and dynamic charts. Users can also apply conditional formulas using these checkboxes for a more dynamic data experience.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn how to add checkboxes to Excel and
use them for various purposes. With checkboxes, you can make interactive
worksheets and reports. You can use checkboxes to create checklists, dynamic
charts, conditional formulas, and more.
  1. 0:00 Introduction
  2. 0:18 Add checkbox
  3. 1:02 Add multiple checkboxes
  4. 1:56 Delete checkboxes
  5. 2:59 Adjust size, color, and alignment
  6. 3:32 Sum and count checkboxes
  7. 5:47 Filter checkboxes
  8. 6:40 Filter function
  9. 8:42 Dynamic charts
  10. 11:12 Wrap up

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The video outlines simple steps to add a single checkbox as well as multiple checkboxes. Viewers are taught how to properly delete checkboxes without affecting surrounding data. The tutorial goes on to demonstrate how to adjust the appearance of checkboxes, including their size, color, and alignment within the cells.

In this comprehensive guide, the audience learns methods for summing and counting checkboxes, which is crucial for data analysis and reporting. Furthermore, the tutorial covers how to filter checkboxes to manage which data is displayed. For more advanced users, the video introduces filtering functions and creating dynamic charts based on checkbox inputs.

Stratvert's explanation includes the latest updates for Excel 365 users, highlighting the streamlined process for adding checkboxes directly into spreadsheet cells. This eliminates the need for cumbersome setups that previously required more technical steps. He emphasizes this feature's usability for setting simple binary decisions in a worksheet, such as TRUE/FALSE or YES/NO.

  • Significant strides have been made enabling checkboxes to be formatted and these formats easily replicated with the Format Painter tool.
  • While formatting checkboxes, users should note that to remove these styles they must employ the Clear Formatting function found under the Home tab.
  • These functionalities are grouped under 'Cell Controls' within the Insert tab, indicating that Microsoft may further expand these control options in future updates.
  • The tutorial specifies that such features are available for Beta Channel users who have the specified version of the software or later.

The tutorial presented by Kevin Stratvert underlines Microsoft's ongoing efforts to improve the user experience for Excel. By making the software more intuitive and in tune with user demands, it reflects a broader commitment by the tech giant to stay at the forefront of office software innovation and utility.

Excel - Step-by-Step Guide: Adding a Checkbox in Excel

Other new Excel Features this Year

Excel has introduced several new features and updates throughout 2023. These updates have enhanced Excel's functionality across different platforms, including web, Windows, Mac, and Android. Here's a summary of key updates and new features:

January 2023

  • PivotTable Show Details for Web: Users can now view the source data for a PivotTable value cell in Excel for the web.
  • Power Automate Tab: This feature, available in Excel for Windows and Mac, facilitates task automation

March 2023

  • Check Performance for Web: This feature speeds up large workbooks on the web version
  • Block Untrusted XLL Add-Ins for Windows: This security feature blocks untrusted add-ins

June 2023

  • Formula Suggestions and Formula by Example for Web: These features aid in formula creation and modification
  • Office Scripts and Rapid Refresh for Windows: Office Scripts are now available on the Current Channel, and Rapid Refresh feature facilitates quicker data updates

July 2023

  • Insert Pictures into Cells for Windows and Mac: This feature allows pictures to be inserted directly into cells
  • Automatically Crop Pictures for Mac: Mac Insider users can now crop pictures automatically within Excel

August 2023

  • Python in Excel for Windows (Beta): Users can now use Python directly within Excel, with calculations running in the Microsoft Cloud
  • Stale Value Formatting for Windows (Beta): Stale cells are now visibly indicated, helping users identify cells pending calculatio
  • Monospaced Font in Formula Bar for Windows (Beta): This feature enhances the readability and debugging of formulas
  • Power BI Connected Tables for Windows: This new Insert Table option streamlines the workflow of adding data from Power BI Datasets

These updates reflect Microsoft's ongoing commitment to enhancing Excel's capabilities, making it more efficient, user-friendly, and secure across various platforms. The introduction of features like Python integration, improved PivotTable functionality, and enhanced security measures like blocking untrusted XLL add-ins demonstrate Excel's adaptation to the evolving needs of its users in data analysis, automation, and visual representation of information.



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