Latest Enhancements to Planner Gantt Chart PowerApp
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Sep 26, 2023 12:42 PM

Latest Enhancements to Planner Gantt Chart PowerApp

by HubSite 365 about Terho Antila [MVP]

Low-Code Center of Excellence Lead at Fortum | Microsoft MVP

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Discover new Microsoft Planner Gantt Chart PowerApp features - Task Status Indicator, Star Rating system, Version Visibility and an Information page.

The recent blog post by Terho Antila [MVP] discusses the new features added to the Planner Gantt Chart Power App. Antila graciously unpacks these features to the community while linking to his Github where users can download the latest version of the application.

The first new feature called Task Status Indicator intuitively visualizes task progress. Tasks that are not started are indicated by a red hollow circle, while tasks in progress are marked by a yellow half-filled circle. Completed tasks get a green filled circle.

The second feature is a Star Rating. This rating system located in the upper right-hand corner of the Start screen shows the current average of stars given by app users. Users can cast their votes by clicking on the desired star; moreover, users can vote multiple times and all votes get counted.

The third feature enhances App Versioning and Visibility. The application will now display the currently installed version as well as the latest version reachable on GitHub. Antila uses a similar mechanism to his previous experiments, fetching the latest commit date from GitHub as the latest version number. Simultaneously, it also notifies the user of current application status - whether they are using the present or outdated version.

Lastly, an Information Page was added, reachable by clicking on the large circular i-icon on the home screen. This page provides valuable links to Antila's blog, the GitHub repository for the latest version of the application and spotlights the current app version as well as the latest available version. It also nudges the user to update the application when discrepancies between the running and latest versions are observed.

To learn more about Power Apps and about these updates in detail, visit here.

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Power Apps - Latest Enhancements to Planner Gantt Chart PowerApp

Learn about New features to Planner Gantt Chart PowerApp

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the new features that have been added to the Planner Gantt Chart PowerApps. It aims to provide a complete understanding of each feature and how they enhance the overall functionality of the app.

Feature #1: Task Status Indicator

The Gantt Chart PowerApp has been enhanced with a new feature that enables users to see the status of their tasks instantly. Users can now gauge whether their task is Not Started (displayed as a red hollow circle), In Progress (signified by a yellow half-filled circle), or Completed (indicated by a fully filled green circle). This functionality ensures that users can track their progress more effectively.

Feature #2: Star Rating

Our PowerApp now includes a rating system, located in the upper right hand corner of the start screen. Users can assign a star rating to the chart, reflecting their satisfaction with the app, which is then averaged to display a current rating. This feature allows users to provide valuable feedback.

Feature #3: App Versioning and Visibility to the Latest Version

The start screen now provides users with information about the current version of the PowerApp, that has been installed, as well as the latest version available on GitHub. This functionality simplifies the process of keeping the app up-to-date. In addition, we have introduced a mechanism that fetches the latest commit date from GitHub (thus serving as the latest version number), which we’ll discuss further below.

Feature #4: Information Page

We have added an Information Page, accessible by clicking the large circular “i” icon on the home screen of our PowerApp. This page not only provides links to the associated blog and GitHub repository for downloads, but it also lets users compare their current app version with the latest one available. If the versions differ, instructions are provided to guide the user on updating the app.

In addition to these features, our latest PowerApp includes a function code, attached in the original blog post, that explains how to fetch GitHub commits. Through this code, users can effectively get the latest commit date from GitHub. With these newly integrated features, our PowerApp offers a more efficient, user-friendly experience.

Please note that all the images associated with these features are available in the original blog post and GitHub repository.

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