Enhanced Dataverse Table Options and Introduction to Virtual Tables
Microsoft Dataverse
Sep 19, 2023 9:00 AM

Enhanced Dataverse Table Options and Introduction to Virtual Tables

by HubSite 365 about Shane Young [MVP]

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Unlock Table Creation Secrets in Power Apps - Excel Files, Copilot Method, Virtual Tables and More!

Shane Young [MVP], a seasoned Youtube educator, has recently released a new tutorial exploring the novel interface for Dataverse tables in Power Apps, including the exciting addition of virtual tables. He demonstrates various methods to create tables, utilizing such tools as Copilot and Excel and starting from scratch.

Shane's tutorial extensively covers the creation process for different types of tables including standard, activity, virtual, and elastic. He also instructs users on how to set advanced properties for these tables to harness the full potential of the Dataverse tables in Power Apps. Notably, Shane highlights the unique characteristics of virtual tables, a topic seldom discussed before.

  • 0:00 Introduction to Dataverse Tables
  • 1:03 Exploring the new table with Copilot
  • 5:14 Creation of a normal table
  • 6:16 Use of an Excel file for table creation
  • 9:40 Starting with a blank table
  • 11:12 Creation process for a virtual table
  • 15:36 Discussing advanced Properties and additional notes

The video tutorial is not just for experts but serves as a great starting point for PowerApps novices looking to upskill.

Digging Deeper Into the Power of Dataverse Tables

In only a few decades, data management and manipulation have become crucial in every industry, field, and profession. As the generation of data increases exponentially, platforms that assist in handling this data surge become integral. Microsoft's Dataverse tables in Power Apps is one of those platforms that allows users to effectively organize, manage, and utilize their data.

This tutorial works through the interface by creating various types of tables and reveals how different functions and features can be activated for optimal data management. From the guidance on creating standard and activity tables to the innovative exploration of virtual and elastic tables, users are equipped with a comprehensive understanding that enhances their practical experiences.

Additionally, by highlighting the process of using Excel files for table creation and the ability to start designing with a blank table, the tutorial underscores the flexibility of Power Apps. Also, the introduction of the tantalizing feature of virtual tables offers insights into the future development of this platform.

So, for anyone looking for a comprehensive platform to manage their data, Power Apps is a significant contender, and Shane Young's tutorial provides a useful guide to tap into the full potential of Dataverse tables.

Learn about New Dataverse Table Options + Virtual Tables

This YouTube tutorial discusses the new interface for Dataverse tables in Microsoft Power Apps. It offers detailed guidance on creating tables using various methods such as Copilot, from scratch, and even the creation of virtual tables - an area not previously explored. The presenter, Shane, elucidates how to use words with the help of Copilot to create tables, and provides tips on manipulating the interface to achieve the desired results. He addresses the process of creating tables using Excel files and reflects on the new features and improvements in the updated interface.

It was highlighted that it doesn't matter whether you aim to create a standard, activity, virtual, or elastic table; this tutorial has got you covered. It provides a comprehensive guide on how to set advanced properties and make the most out of the Dataverse tables in Power Apps.

  • Table creation using Copilot
  • Building tables from scratch
  • Creating virtual tables
  • Using Excel files for table creation
  • Manipulating the interface for desired results
  • Advanced properties and table types

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