Power CAT Live in All Environments: New Dataverse Developer Plan
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Sep 26, 2023 12:25 PM

Power CAT Live in All Environments: New Dataverse Developer Plan

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Explore Power Platform with full potential at no cost! With Microsofts New Dataverse Developer Plan, create and share apps without any code.

The Power Apps Developer Plan: A Comprehensive Overlook

Microsoft is offering an innovative tool for any tech aficionados out there, namely the Power Apps Developer Plan. If you don't have a Power Platform subscription yet, this developer plan is an easy-access pathway into the Power Platform environment, with an incredible emphasis on learning.

The Power Apps Developer Plan brings you a full-scale development environment which is absolutely free. This plan lets you develop and test in Power Apps, Power Automate and Microsoft Dataverse. It doesn't stop here, as you get to create applications and flows without writing a single line of code, using the powerful Power Apps and Power Automate development environments.

Additionally, the plan effortlessly lets you share and collaborate on these solutions with others, connecting with any data source through Power Platform connectors or by creating your custom connectors.

Microsoft has introduced this plan as being incredibly inclusive, so anyone with work or school email address that's backed by Azure Active Directory can sign up for the Power Apps Developer Plan.

Key Features of the Developer Plan

Through this plan, you get offered a plethora of functionalities. For instance, you can create and test unlimited apps for development and test. These can be shared, using Dataverse modelling and creating your own data. Most significantly, you can connect to Office 365, Dynamics 365, and a host of other connectors, all within your developer environment.

Forget the previous limitations and unlock your potentials with the capability to connect to cloud-based services like Azure SQL, Dropbox, Twitter, and many more. Even premium connectors like SF, DB2 and others are available. That's not all; you can access on-premises data using an on-premises gateway, create custom connectors for your own systems and create a database with Dataverse.

With Power Apps Developer Plan, the solutions that you generate in your developer environment can be exported and published on Microsoft AppSource for your customers' testing.

How to get the Power Apps Developer Plan?

Microsoft provides two simple ways: sign up on the Power Apps Developer Plan website or get it with Visual Studio Dev Essentials. If you already are a Visual Studio Dev Essentials user, this Developer Plan is included in your benefits. It's easy as visiting the "My Benefits" section and selecting the Power Apps tile to sign up for the Power Apps Developer Plan.

Further Plan Details

It's important to know that there are certain capacity limits for these developer environments The following capacity limits apply to the developer environments:

  • Flow runs/month: 750
  • Database size: 2 GB

If you hit these capacity limits, Microsoft recommends purchasing the Power Apps Per User Plan. It's interesting to know that these capacity entitlements (whether used or not) do not contribute to your company's overall quota.

The Power Apps Developer Plan can be continued for free, as long as there's active usage and no plan abuse. Inactive Developer Plan environments for the last 90 days are deleted after notifying the environment owners. Also, you are allowed to create multiple developer environments, with a maximum of three.

Developer environments are there for the makers. Whenever a maker logs into Power Apps maker portal, a new developer environment is generated that the user can then provision to a Dataverse database in their new developer environment. This extends to the limit of three, after which no further environments can be created.

Embedded Developer Plan Environments in your Business

The blog post authors have shared their appreciation of the Power Apps Developer Plan and how it makes life accessible for developers. MK Bajwa, for instance, talks about how anyone with access can exploit it to its full potentials. The Developer Plan doesn’t need a premium license, supporting custom connectors and premium ones, providing a backup plan, and is restorable. It allows users to copy out production environments.

The unique selling point of the Developer Plan is that it is governed by DLP and other controls. Create and run multiple apps and collaborate with others in the environment. The environment integrates powerful technician tools in one place, enabling users to easily navigate between planning, developing and testing stages of their products. With that, they notably affirmed how robust these new Developer Plan environments are and how to administer and govern them too.

In conclusion, these functionalities can potentially revolutionize the way applications are made while generating more efficient workflow. It's an incredible opportunity for developers to harness their full potentials. Microsoft's Power Apps Developer Plan is a step towards a more productive future.

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Developer Tools - Power CAT Live in All Environments: New Dataverse Developer Plan

Learn about New Dataverse Developer Plan: Power CAT Live for All Environments

The Power Apps Developer Plan, as described in this informative text, provides a versatile environment for developers to unleash their creativity without any cost. This arrangement primarily aids in constructing and testing with Power Apps, Power Automate, and Microsoft Dataverse. Anyone possessing a work or school email address linked with Azure Active Directory is eligible to sign up for this plan.

As mentioned in the blog post, the Power Apps Developer Plan imparts several abilities. These abilities include the creation of apps and workflows that don't require code, the capability to connect with any data source employing Power Platform connectors, and easy collaboration on solutions with others. Plus, it also enables the user to use a fully manageable, scalable data platform with Dataverse. You also have the capacity to export the solutions made in your dev environment, and showcase them on Microsoft AppSource for your customers' examinations.

  • Developers can create and test an unlimited number of apps within this platform
  • Sharing apps is allowed within the environment
  • Dataverse offers a modern data platform system for developers
  • Developers are even allowed to model their data using Dataverse
  • It includes an office-grade administration facility for both the environment and user policies

The capabilities of the Power Apps Developer Plan don't end here, as it also supports connection to Office 365, Dynamics 365, and a variety of other connectors. All these functionalities make a developer’s job more comfortable and drastically speed up development and testing processes. However, note that there are particular capacity limits related to developer environments:

  • Flow runs per month are confined to a limit of 750
  • The database size should not exceed 2 GB

Publishing to Microsoft AppSource is another valuable feature included in the Power Apps Developer Plan. It gives developers a chance to share their apps and workflows with potential customers and develop leads for their respective enterprises.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Power Apps Developer Plan also comes with an upgraded version of the obsolete Power Apps Community Plan. It now boasts of novel functionalities such as sharing apps with team members, increased capacity allocations, and the option to create up to three distinct environments. These fresh features, coupled with Microsoft's support, will help boost creative application development and open new possibilities for developers across the globe.

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