New CanvasApps component AnimatedToggle
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Jul 3, 2023 2:04 PM

New CanvasApps component AnimatedToggle

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A simple toggle component with some animation for extra sparkle!

The AnimatedToggle is a new CanvasApps component that allows you to create an animated light or dark mode toggle for your Power Apps. This component offers three types of animation, improving the aesthetic appeal of your application. The component includes several simple properties such as LinearGradientColour1 and 2 for setting gradient colors, and a toggle to show or hide the label. LabelTrueText and LabelFalseText choices allow you to set the text for the label, with customizable font size. Type in 1, 2, or 3 for different animations; 1 for 'breathe in', 2 for 'bounce in', or 3 for a 'rotate' animation. The label color can be set and you can even use a variable for this. It also utilizes an output property to change the background color accordingly.

  • LinearGradientColour1 and 2 – Sets the gradient colours (HEX or RGB)
  • Label – A toggle to show or hide the label
  • LabelTrueText and LabelFalseText – Options to set the label's text
  • FontSize – Allows changing the font size of the label
  • Animation – An input for selecting the animation type
  • LabelColour – Option to set the color of the label
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By using the output property of the AnimatedToggle component, you define the background color changes. For example, use 'If(AnimatedToggle.Toggled = true, RGBA(0,0,0,1), RGBA(255,255,255,1))'. Any enhancement recommendations or issues you encounter can be reported and addressed.

Deep Dive into the AnimatedToggle Component

This new CanvasApps component improves user interaction, eliminating the need for a boring dropdown option for mode toggle. The use of HTML & SVG offers compatibility with most modern browsers. The three animation types add a fun interface, ensuring an engaging experience. LinearGradientColour1 and 2 offer customization of gradient colors, while an array of other properties like Label, LabelTrueText, fontsize and animation type provide a wide range of personalization options for the app.

Learn about New CanvasApps component AnimatedToggle

The CanvasApps component AnimatedToggle is a light/dark mode toggle for Power Apps that is built using HTML and SVG. It has a few simple properties, such as LinearGradientColour1 and 2, Label, LabelTrueText and LabelFalseText, FontSize, Animation, and LabelColour. The output property of the component, AnimatedToggle.Toggled, will allow the background to change colour. There are 3 types of animation available for the toggle, including a breathe in animation, bounce in animation, and rotate animation. This component provides a fun and engaging way to switch between light and dark modes.

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