NEVER do this in an IT Job Interview!
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Apr 15, 2023 8:00 PM

NEVER do this in an IT Job Interview!

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In this short episode i discuss all the tips and tricks on how to get through the IT job interview of your life.

In this short episode i discuss all the tips and tricks on how to get through

the IT job interview of your life. This is a session packed with the do’s and

don’ts in attending tech job interviews. So with your future career in the

balance, this is a session that will not only offer you great advice, but also

prepare you for that life changing experience. Enjoy and good luck!

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00:00 Session starts

01:40 What should I wear to an IT Job Interview?

03:14 Prepare & do your research?

03:45 Know the correct greeting?

04:23 Know how to handle a group interview

06:00 What kind of questions will I be asked?

06:43 Tech interviews, Do’s & Don’ts

08:22 Session review & Final advice

NEVER do this in an IT Job Interview:

  1. Show up late - Showing up late to a job interview is a sign of disrespect to the interviewer and will make a bad impression.
  1. Badmouth your previous employer - Even if you had a bad experience at your last job, it’s important to be professional and diplomatic when talking about it.
  1. Display poor body language - Nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. Avoid fidgeting, slouching, and crossing your arms, as these can be seen as signs of disinterest or uneasiness.
  1. Not prepare - Make sure you research the company and the job you’re interviewing for, and come prepared with questions of your own.
  1. Not bring a resume - Bring multiple copies of your resume to the interview and make sure it’s up to date and tailored to the job you’re interviewing for.

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  1. Be Clueless About the Company · 2. Talk Too Soon About Money · 3. Be Late (or Worse, Too Early) · 4. Forget Copies of Your Resume · 5. Trash a Previous Employer.

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