Navigating the Microsoft 365 Roadmap!
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Oct 24, 2023 10:00 PM

Navigating the Microsoft 365 Roadmap!

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The Microsoft 365 roadmap is an invaluable resource for any M365 Admin, and yet many people don't know about this great site. In this video, I take you through

Certainly, here's the information formatted using Markdown:

Microsoft 365 Roadmap

The Microsoft 365 Roadmap offers insights into upcoming features, updates, and enhancements for the Microsoft 365 suite of products. It's a valuable resource for IT professionals, administrators, and decision-makers involved with Microsoft 365 services.

With dozens of apps and features, it can be challenging to keep up withwhat’s new and what’s coming soon.That’s where the Microsoft 365 roadmap comes in.The roadmap is the central location for IT professionals, business decisionmakers, and anyone else who’s interested, to see what’s coming.It was created to help you plan, communicate changes, and take fulladvantage of your Microsoft 365 subscription.  


Key Features:

  • Feature Descriptions:
  • Each entry provides details about specific features or updates.
  • Status:
  • In development: Features being worked on by Microsoft.
  • Rolling out: Features in deployment but might not be available for all.
  • Launched: Features fully released for all applicable users.
  • Canceled: Features no longer pursued or developed.
  • Last Modified Date:
  • Shows the latest update date for a feature's information.
  • Additional Information:
  • Entries might link to blogs, documentation, or detailed pages about the feature.
  • Filters:
  • View the roadmap based on products (e.g., Microsoft Teams, SharePoint), cloud instances, and platforms.
  • Feedback Mechanism:
  • Microsoft often includes ways for users to provide feedback.

For organizations utilizing Microsoft 365, the roadmap is vital. It aids in planning for changes, understanding new features, and leveraging the suite's full capabilities.

For the most recent updates, visit the official Microsoft 365 Roadmap website.

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