More Superpower to Power Fx
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Jun 2, 2022 8:12 PM

More Superpower to Power Fx

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Microsoft has released modern commanding with Power Fx. MVP Scott Durow explains a use case for buttons within Model Driven apps in his blog.

Microsoft "We're incredibly excited to announce the #powerapps modern commanding is generally available! Building powerful, purposeful command bars for your #powerplatform apps is incredibly simple now with the first ever in-product command designer, #powerfx, and close integration with canvas custom pages and component libraries. "

Scott Durow “if you have model-driven command buttons created in the Ribbon Workbench - it's time to start the move over to the modern command designer...Why? Because woot! 🎉 it's just gone GA! You can still call JavaScript if needed, but you might even be able to convert and simplify it using Power Fx. Check out Casey's blog post 👇”