Updated Case Grids: Modern Designs & Features
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Sep 26, 2023 7:10 AM

Updated Case Grids: Modern Designs & Features

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Unlock the power of Dynamics 365 Customer Service with its cutting-edge, modernized case grid feature. Elevate your service delivery today!

The blog post is primarily about the modernized case grids feature of Dynamics 365 (useful keyword) Customer Service that was made generally available in December 2022. The features of this modernized case grid provide customer service agents and managers with case-related information. Unlike the 'regular' case grid, modernized case grid allows data from other tables to be displayed due to the 1:N relationship with the case table, such as SLA details and the last interaction on the case. However, this feature has to be enabled first.

The blog outlines the process of enabling the modernized case grid. It involves navigating to make.powerapps.com, opening the default solution, and switching to the legacy powerapps interface. From there, the entities are expanded until the case table is found, wherein the Power Apps grid control is added and configured according to desired settings. The configurations include editing and filtering options, navigation types, reflow behavior, and customization control among others.

Once the control is configured and changes saved and published, an enhanced active cases view is added to the case table. This view assists agents in understanding each case better by displaying various icons, SLA countdown, last interaction, and the case age, making it look visually appealing and informative. This view has to be added manually to the model-driven apps.

Besides, the author mentions the ability to add custom icons for option set values under the 'Origin' and 'Priority' columns. This involves creating a web resource in the application to add icons for these values. For instance, if a new value for the 'Origin' column is introduced called 'Instagram', an icon can be set up by following a specific naming convention for the system name under web resource.

Exploring the Potentials of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Enhancements like these reaffirm the potential of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a dynamic and adaptable customer service tool. By allowing relevant data from other tables to be presented in a single view, the software ensures that customer service agents and managers have comprehensive case details at their disposal. Ensuring an immediate understanding of the case status, the user-friendly design and configuration flexibility works towards delivering improved customer service experiences.

The implementation of custom icons also boosts the usability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It provides a visual cue for critical elements such as 'Origin' and 'Priority', making it easier for agents to sort and prioritize cases. The option to add new elements and assign icons adds a layer of personalization that further accentuates the user experience of the tool.

Undeniably, with such features and continuous enhancements, Microsoft Dynamics CRM continues to be a reliable choice for businesses looking to optimize their customer service workflow.

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Dynamics CRM - Updated Case Grids: Modern Designs & Features

Learn about Modernized Case Grids

In December 2022, Microsoft went live with a significant update to the Dynamics 365 Customer Service, called the Modernized Case Grids. This updated feature seeks to increase the productivity of customer service agents and managers by providing easy access to crucial information related to cases. Hence, providing the workers with an enhanced case managing interface.

The basic case grid, which the users are familiar with, presents a list of case records set up by the creators. However, one of the limitations of the classic case grid was that it didn't allow the display of relevant information from other tables associated with a particular case due to a 1:N relationship.

This is where the modernized case grid comes to the rescue with enhanced attributes like SLA details, details about the last interaction on the case, etc. This enhanced feature must be enabled before it can be used. But how do you enable it?

To enable the modernized case grid, you have to go through the legacy interface. You can launch this by navigating to make.powerapps.com and opening the default solution. When this solution is open, go to the top and click on the three dots to choose 'Switch to classic'. This reveals the default solution within the old powerapps view. From here, navigate down to expand 'Entities' found on the bottom left under 'Components'. Scroll down till you locate the case table and then click on 'Case'. Our next task is to add a control to the case table. This can be easily accomplished by clicking on 'Add control', then searching for 'Power Apps grid control'. After clicking 'Add', stipulate the control to be applied when the case grids are accessed via web, phone, or tablet.

Upon adding this control, a whole new set of configuration choices instantly become available to you, including:

  • Enable editing: to allow/disallow users to edit the records inline.
  • Enable filtering: this permits/prevents users from filtering records in the subgrid
  • Enable jump bar: this selection shows or hides the jump bar
  • Enable status column: to show or hide the status column of cases.

And many more ways to customize according to your requirements. That said, every change you make to the control should be saved and published absolutely.

While the modernized case grid improves your information view, you also get the ability to manage how your set of option values appear, by adding custom icons for them. This can be done by creating a web resource in the application.

Staying updated with these features can give you a significant edge while working on Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Read more in-depth about this topic here.

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