Model Driven Apps - Using The Gallery Control On Views
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Aug 7, 2023 6:30 PM

Model Driven Apps - Using The Gallery Control On Views

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I love a good out of the box solution to make something look more aesthetically pleasing in a Model-driven Power App (D365)

Model-driven Power Apps are improved visually with the Gallery Control on Views, most suitably with records containing images. The control enhances usability and engages users by modifying the functioning of editing and sorting on a view. Conventional controls are used on fields such as toggles for 'Yes No' fields or auto-complete fields. Something like the Power Apps Grid Control can be used for these modifications. A classic view displays rows of records and their associated data. For better aesthetics and usability, the Gallery Control is preferred especially when records have images.

  • Power Apps Grid Control is used to improve aesthetic and usability of views.
  • The control changes how editing and sorting function on a view.
  • Gallery Control is suited best for record types containing images.
  • The old-school method is used to add the table to the control's panel.
  • The Read-only Grid is the default control currently in use.
  • A new default Control can be added at this level, influencing all views for that particular table.

Further Exploration of the Gallery Control on Views

The Gallery Control on Views in model-driven Power Apps has significantly improved the visual appeal and functional versatility of these apps. Designed for record types encompassing images, this feature enhances usability and plays a major role in engaging users. Proper utilization of this control is critical for instances where record types have images. The mere addition of this control to the control panel greatly boosts the aesthetics and overall functionality of the app.


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Learn about Using The Gallery Control On Views

The Gallery Control on Views is a great tool that can be used to make a Model-driven Power App (D365) more aesthetically pleasing. It can also be used to improve usability and help engage users. The Control is best used for records that have images associated with them as it will display those images in a Gallery format. To add the Control to a View, you can open the View and click on the 'Custom' tab. You can then choose the Gallery Control as the default Control for that View. The Gallery Control will display the records in a grid format, with images of the records if associated. You can also add other controls to the View, such as toggles or auto complete fields, to add further customisation. With the Gallery Control, users can view the records in a more engaging way, making them easier and more enjoyable to interact with.


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