Microsofts AI-Powered Office Assistant Now Available for $9,000
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Nov 2, 2023 7:00 AM

Microsofts AI-Powered Office Assistant Now Available for $9,000

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Experience the latest in AI-powered Office assistance with Microsofts 365 Copilot, revolutionizing document creation and editing.

Microsoft's AI-Powered Innovation for Office

Microsoft is set to reshape document creation and editing with their newly launched premium feature, Microsoft 365 Copilot. Accessible to certain enterprise customers, the AI assistant promises a revolutionary approach to prevailing office tasks. However, securing a place on the access list involves reaching out to Microsoft with a commitment of no less than 300 users.

The monthly fee of $30 per user premium allows businesses to utilize Microsoft 365 Copilot for various functions. These include summarizing documents, generating emails, creating plans from notes, and enhancing Excel analysis. Microsoft's ambitious project has already seen testing from 600 plus enterprise customers who participated in the initial paid early access program.

The speculated popularity of the groundbreaking tool is expected to see around 6.9 million US knowledge workers reaping its benefits by 2024 according to Forrester Research. The tool can be used for generating text or altering paragraphs in Word.

Despite the launch of Microsoft 365 Copilot, not every enterprise customer will gain immediate access, molding the event to be more of a preorder. Only those who already utilize Microsoft 365 E3 and E5, or Business Standard / Premium could commence using Bing Chat Enterprise from today. This artificial intelligence and machine learning feature will be exclusive to certain subscribers.

Parts of the Microsoft 365 Copilot including Copilot for Excel, OneNote, SharePoint Copilot, and OneDrive are still in preview. Also, the full access to Copilot features for Microsoft 365 Monthly Enterprise Channel users awaits until December.

This initial phase symbolizes more of a soft initiation for Microsoft 365 Copilot, representing action-packed, AI-based plans to redefine how Office documents are dealt with. This further capitalizes on the opportunity to introduce the world to this novel AI assistant that is about to change Office documents forever.

The Dawn of AI-dominated Office Technology

This development marks a significant step towards integrating AI into routine operations. It does not just streamline daily tasks, but also paves the way for smart technology to dominate future office operations. The impactful role AI in business communication and project management reflects the far-reaching potential it has, capable of revolutionizing the workspace. New-age digital solutions like Microsoft 365 Copilot are the front-runners of this promising era.

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