Launching Soon: Microsoft AI Security Copilot - Pay-As-You-Go
Microsoft Copilot
Mar 13, 2024 11:56 PM

Launching Soon: Microsoft AI Security Copilot - Pay-As-You-Go

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Unlock AI-Powered Cybersecurity with Microsofts Copilot for Security - Pay-As-You-Go Launching April

Key insights


  • Microsoft's Copilot for Security will be launched with a pay-as-you-go pricing model at $4 per hour, offering AI-enhanced cybersecurity assistance.
  • The AI chatbot, powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 and Microsoft's security-specific model, provides real-time information on threats and a pinboard for team collaboration.
  • Microsoft's move towards AI in cybersecurity is in response to increased threats, including a notable attack by the Russian state-sponsored hacker group, Nobelium.
  • The release of Copilot for Security marks a significant step in generative AI within the cybersecurity industry, highlighting Microsoft's continuous innovation in security technology.
  • A new study reveals that experienced security analysts are 22% faster and 7% more accurate when using Copilot, with 97% expressing a desire to continue its use for future tasks.

Exploring Microsoft's AI Copilot for Security

Microsoft is taking a giant leap forward in the cybersecurity domain with the launch of Copilot for Security, marking a significant innovation by integrating generative AI technology into cybersecurity practices. This new tool, designed to aid cybersecurity professionals in their day-to-day operations, leverages the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 along with Microsoft’s proprietary security models to offer real-time insights into threats and facilitate collaboration among team members.

By introducing a pay-as-you-go pricing strategy, Microsoft is making this cutting-edge technology accessible to a wider range of businesses, thereby democratizing the use of advanced AI in securing digital assets against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. The integration of Copilot into Microsoft's extensive security ecosystem speaks to the company's commitment to providing comprehensive and adaptive security solutions that are equipped to meet the demands of the modern threat landscape.

Furthermore, with Copilot's capabilities extending across multiple languages and its applicability in various cybersecurity tasks, Microsoft is setting a new standard for AI's role in enhancing security operations. Whether it's speeding up the analysis process or improving the accuracy of threat detection, Copilot for Security is poised to transform how organizations approach their cybersecurity efforts, making them more efficient and effective in a world where digital threats are constantly evolving.


Microsoft is set to launch its Copilot for Security next month, introducing a revolutionary generative AI chatbot aimed at enhancing cybersecurity measures. This groundbreaking service is specially designed for cybersecurity professionals, fostering an environment where they can effectively guard against security threats. Unlike previous offerings, Copilot for Security will adopt a consumption-based pricing model, charging $4 per usage hour, an approach that allows businesses to dynamically scale their cybersecurity efforts according to their specific needs.

The chatbot, leveraging the prowess of OpenAI's GPT-4 and Microsoft's tailor-made security model, promises comprehensive support for cybersecurity personnel. Users can expect up-to-the-minute updates on security incidents, thorough threat summaries, and more, all driven by Microsoft's significant threat intelligence infrastructure that processes over 78 trillion signals daily. Furthermore, the tool emphasizes collaboration and efficiency, featuring a pinboard for team interactions and the capability to distill complex events into concise reports.

Microsoft's approach to pricing is designed to provide flexibility and ease of adaptation for businesses of all sizes. The unified pricing model encompasses both standalone and integrated experiences across the Microsoft Security product portfolio, ensuring a straightforward and scalable path to incorporating AI in cybersecurity. This initiative is part of Microsoft's broader strategy to fortify its defenses, especially in the wake of escalating threats from sophisticated cyberattacks, including those orchestrated by state-sponsored entities.

The official launch of Copilot for Security is set for April 1, 2024, marking a significant milestone in the use of generative AI + Machine Learning in the realm of cybersecurity. The solution stands as the industry's initial foray into leveraging large-scale data analytics and AI to empower security and IT teams, enabling faster, more accurate responses to threats and enhancing overall team expertise.


People also ask

How much does Microsoft Copilot cost?

The licensing fees for utilizing Copilot for Microsoft 365 stand at $30 per user on a monthly basis, and for those opting for Copilot Pro, the rate is $20 per user, per month. It’s important to note that the overall investment is not confined to these fees alone.

Will Microsoft Copilot be free?

Copilot offers a plethora of features such as aiding in sourcing the correct information, generating distinctive content, and amplifying productivity without any cost. For those interested in exploring the complimentary version of Copilot, the platform is accessible via

Does Copilot AI cost money?

For individuals interested in testing Copilot, a gratis trial period is currently available. Following this trial, to continue availing the benefits of Copilot for Microsoft 365, a subscription is required, which is priced at $30 for each user monthly.

How do I get Microsoft Copilot?

To commence utilizing Microsoft Copilot, adhere to the specified guidelines:



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