Microsoft Viva Pulse: Now Accessible for General Use - Latest Update
Viva Pulse
Jul 18, 2023 3:30 PM

Microsoft Viva Pulse: Now Accessible for General Use - Latest Update

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Microsoft Viva Pulse: Enhances team productivity with integrated feedback tools available in Microsoft Teams and web.

Microsoft Viva Pulse is now widely accessible to all customers. It gives managers and team leads the tool they need to collect regular, confidential feedback through team and project-based surveys, which are integrated with Microsoft Teams and web applications.

This tool is interactive and lets managers collect on-spot feedback on various topics to understand and cater to their team's needs instantly. It offers pre-designed, research-validated survey templates addressing critical topics like change management or work situations, which can be customized as per specific team needs.

With Viva Pulse, managers and project leads can swiftly request and act upon ad-hoc feedback on diverse topics to better understand and address their team’s requirements. The templates can also be custom designed to meet unique team needs.

  • Viva Pulse empowering managers and team leaders.
  • Possibility to request regular confidential feedback.
  • Ad-hoc feedback collection on various topics.
  • Using pre-populated, research-validated survey templates
  • Ability to customize templates based on team needs.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Teams and web app.

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Microsoft Viva Pulse is a revolutionary tool designed for effective and efficient communication within a team. With its integration with Microsoft Teams and web applications, it aims to enhance the overall team experience and productivity while maintaining confidentiality. The preset templates and the option to customize them as per the team needs, massively contribute to their change management strategy.

By allowing managers to request feedback on various topics spontaneously, it aids them in making informed decisions promptly. Viva Pulse is indeed a game-changer, providing valuable insights and understanding of the team's needs.

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Microsoft Viva Pulse is a tool that enables managers and project leads to request regular, confidential feedback from their team and act on it. It gives them the ability to ask ad-hoc questions to better understand their team's needs and take action using surveys available in the flow of work with Microsoft Teams and web app experience. With Viva Pulse, managers and project leads can use pre-populated, research-validated survey templates to quickly zero in on important topics such as change management or work situations. They can also customize templates to meet their unique team needs. Viva Pulse also provides timely analysis of team sentiment, giving managers insight into how their team is feeling.

Microsoft Viva Pulse is now available for customers worldwide, bringing powerful insights into team sentiment and feedback to people who manage teams. With its integrated survey templates and customizable feedback options, Viva Pulse allows managers to quickly get a snapshot of team sentiment and take action on the results.

The general availability of Microsoft Viva Pulse marks an important milestone in the journey to empower people with the insights they need to better manage teams, create a better work environment, and develop better teams.

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