Windows 11 Update Fixes Poor Meeting Audio Quality
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Jan 31, 2024 3:30 AM

Windows 11 Update Fixes Poor Meeting Audio Quality

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Revolutionize Your Meetings: Windows 11 Unleashes Voice Clarity for Crystal-Clear Audio on Any Device

Key insights


  • Microsoft introduces the Voice Clarity feature in Windows 11, enhancing audio quality for all Windows devices, including those with ARM CPUs, by using AI to eliminate background noise and echo during meetings.

  • Originally exclusive to Surface devices, Voice Clarity aims to make online meetings, particularly on Zoom and Teams, more clear by reducing audio issues that can disrupt communication.

  • The feature isn't just for professional meetings; it's also optimized for gaming voice chats, promising to improve overall audio experiences by focusing on clarity.

  • Alongside Voice Clarity, the new Windows build supports seamless access to photos and screenshots from connected Android devices and introduces a revamped, modern Windows setup process.

  • Improvements also include a significant update to USB4, boosting its capabilities to 80Gbps, indicating Microsoft's commitment to enhancing connectivity and data transfer speeds.


Microsoft's Latest Feature Enhances Audio Quality for All Users

Microsoft has made significant strides in improving the user experience with its new Canary test build for Windows 11. This update introduces the Voice Clarity feature, previously exclusive to Surface devices, to a wider range of Windows machines, including those powered by ARM processors. Microsoft's blog post highlights the feature's ability to use "low complexity AI models" to eliminate background noises, echoes, and reverberations in real-time, thereby enhancing audio quality drastically.

The primary aim of Voice Clarity is to improve the audio quality in video conferences and meetings held via platforms like Zoom or Teams. This development comes as a relief to many who have experienced difficulties understanding presentations or conversations due to poor audio quality, echoes, or reverberations. Moreover, Voice Clarity's application is not limited to professional settings; PC gamers can also benefit from clearer voice chats, thanks to the feature's background noise suppression capabilities.

In addition to improving audio communication, the latest Windows build introduces several other features. These include instant access to photos and screenshots from connected Android devices and a revamped Windows setup process boasting a cleaner, more modern design. Furthermore, the update enhances USB4 support, promising speeds up to 80Gbps. With these updates, Microsoft continues to pave the way for a more integrated and user-friendly experience across its ecosystem.

  • Introduction of Voice Clarity to all Windows devices
  • Improves audio quality in meetings and voice chats
  • Benefits a wide range of users, from professionals to gamers
  • Features simplified access to Android device media
  • Revamped setup process and enhanced USB4 support

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