Utilizing Microsoft Teams Green Screen Feature - Guide
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Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Utilizing Microsoft Teams Green Screen Feature - Guide

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Enhance your Microsoft Teams meetings with a new green screen feature for sharper virtual backgrounds!

Microsoft Teams has introduced a new feature: the Green Screen. This tool enhances the virtual background effect in Teams meetings by sharpening and defining the area around participants' face, head, ears, and hair. Even if you're showing a prop or object, the green screen makes it highly visible to other attendees.


To function optimally, the Green Screen requires a single-colored background or a background wall with no distortions. Users must ensure that they select their backdrop color strategically for the best quality green screen effect.

  • First, join a meeting and access the "Video effects" from the "More" icon present on the meeting toolbar.
  • Next, under the Backgrounds section, navigate to the "Green Screen Settings" and activate the Green Screen button.
  • Then, click the backdrop icon and select the backdrop color, remembering not to choose a color that matches your clothes or props.
  • Finally, return to your meeting, and the green screen effect with your chosen backdrop color will be visible.

It is essential to note that to enjoy this feature; the user must be in the Public Preview. This feature is currently supported only on Windows and macOS devices having Intel and AMD chips. While using this, the background blur and Together Mode will be automatically disabled, but it remains compatible with several Presenter modes.

Lastly, it's recommended to avoid using transparent or thin objects as they cannot produce a desirable green screen effect.

Extended Discussion on Microsoft Teams Green Screen Feature

Microsoft Teams' latest update brings to the table an advanced approach towards virtual interaction. By introducing the Green Screen feature, Teams allows users to interact in a more immersive and realistic environment, thereby enhancing the quality of virtual meetings. As the concept of remote working and online collaboration is growing exponentially, such additions help in making online interactions as seamless as possible. However, it is crucial to understand and follow the guidelines for using the green screen effect, such as using a neutral and flat background, to make the most of this feature. Leveraging smart technology like the Green Screen can revolutionize the way businesses, educators, or individuals communicate in a virtual space.


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Learn about Microsoft Teams Green Screen Feature


Microsoft has introduced a novel feature called the green screen on Microsoft Teams, improving the clarity and depth of the virtual background effects during meetings. Increased sharpness and definition can be noted around the user's face, ears, head, and any props they might be using, creating a more engaging visual experience for other call participants.

The requirement for this feature is a solid green screen or an unblemished background wall. It is critical to apply a background effect in Teams meetings and choose a suitable backdrop color for best effect. This exciting feature is available broadly through the Public Preview channel.

To utilize the green screen, users should first join a meeting, then select "More" in the meeting toolbar, followed by "Video effects". In the "Video effects" panel, they can navigate to "Green Screen Settings", click the link to activate the Green Screen toggle button under "Teams settings -> Devices -> Green screen". The user can then select the backdrop color and return to their meeting.

It is essential to highlight the green screen feature is only compatible with Windows and macOS with Intel and AMD chips. Devices such as Mac M1/M2 are, unfortunately, not supported.

  • Click on the "More" icon after joining a meeting and select "Video effects".
  • Open the "Green Screen Settings" in the "Backgrounds" section.
  • Activate the "Green screen" toggle button under "Teams settings -> Devices -> Green screen".
  • Select the backdrop color, ensuring it does not match the color of clothing or props on camera, then return to the meeting.

Note: For information on enabling the public preview, refer to "Enable the public preview for Teams". To use the green screen feature, the user must be in Public Preview. However, this requirement is not applicable to other meeting participants.



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