Microsoft Teams - Export a wiki to a OneNote notebook
May 19, 2023 10:00 AM

Microsoft Teams - Export a wiki to a OneNote notebook

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Teams is phasing out Wiki support. You can continue to access and edit existing wikis, but you can't create new wikis in Teams channels

Microsoft Teams, a popular communication and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft, has announced a major change to its service - the phasing out of support for Wiki functionality. This decision marks a significant evolution in the way that Teams users will manage and share knowledge within their groups and organizations.

Existing wikis within Teams are not being deleted or discontinued abruptly. Users can continue to access their existing wikis and edit them as per their needs. All the previously stored information, knowledge, and shared content in wikis will remain accessible, allowing for seamless transition and minimal disruption in the daily workflow of Teams users.

However, the ability to create new wikis in Teams channels is being removed. This means that Teams users will no longer have the option to start a new Wiki page within their channel for storing and sharing team knowledge. This change is seen as a step towards simplifying the user experience and reducing redundancy in the platform's features.

Looking towards the future, Microsoft is offering a solution for customers who are heavily reliant on the Wiki feature. Customers who have OneNote enabled in their Teams and Microsoft 365 subscriptions will soon be able to export their Wiki content into OneNote. This is a strategic move, aligning Teams closer with the other tools in the Microsoft 365 suite.

OneNote, another Microsoft product, is a digital note-taking app that excels at organizing and storing information. By facilitating the migration of Wiki content to OneNote, Microsoft ensures that users can continue to document, share, and collaborate on their content with ease and efficiency, while also taking advantage of the advanced features that OneNote offers.

As this transition unfolds, Teams users are encouraged to start familiarizing themselves with OneNote and its capabilities, if they haven't already. This will help ensure a smooth and effective transition from Wikis to OneNote, allowing teams to continue their work with minimal disruption. Microsoft is expected to provide more detailed guidance and support tools to help users in this transition in the near future.

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Jan 11, 2023 — If you currently use the Wiki, you will have the option to export the content to OneNote notebooks in Teams standard channel.