Microsoft Surface Hub 3: Comprehensive Review on Features & Specifications
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Sep 22, 2023 11:00 AM

Microsoft Surface Hub 3: Comprehensive Review on Features & Specifications

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Explore Microsoft Surface Hub 3: A versatile, all-in-one hybrid meeting device designed to revolutionize your modern workspace and collaboration experience.

Introducing the Microsoft Surface Hub 3 - an all-in-one hybrid meeting and collaboration device that is poised to redefine the modern workspace. This revolutionary product now supports Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows and offers a consistent experience across all meeting spaces. With Surface Hub 3, teams can effortlessly move from one meeting space to another regardless of the specific setup present in each room.

  • Seamless integration: Surface Hub 3 can pair with Microsoft Teams Rooms certified peripherals, opening a world of possibilities for different meeting spaces.
  • Premium design and intelligent audio: Equipped with a high-resolution, 4K PixelSense display and two microphone arrays, Surface Hub 3 provides optimal audiovisual performance.
  • Mobility and versatility: The Surface Hub 3 50” is fully mobile on a Steelcase Roam Stand, offering flexible use.
  • Faster performance: Boasting a 60% CPU performance increase and a 160% GPU graphics performance increase gen-on-gen, Surface Hub 3 provides a powerful and innovative system.
  • AI-Powered Brainstorming: Surface Hub 3 utilises AI to create an immersive hybrid meeting and collaboration experience.
  • Streamlined IT Management: Surface Hub 3 simplifies IT complexity by enabling easy device management through Microsoft Teams admin center and the new Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal.


Revolutionizing Meetings with Surface Hub 3

The Surface Hub 3 marks the next era in collaborative technology, uniting teams with high-quality, seamless integration. Its premium design and intelligent audio provide an immersive meeting experience. Moreover, its mobility and versatility allow for quick adaptation to various workspaces. Surface Hub 3, with its impressive improvement in both CPU and GPU performance, promotes smoother, faster, and more innovative collaboration. It uses advanced AI to transform brainstorming sessions into powerful team strategy sessions. The device's features ensure streamlined IT management, reducing complexity for your IT team. The Surface Hub 3, a product rooted in a decade of Microsoft’s innovative journey, is set to redefine how we envision the future of teamwork and collaborative working.

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Microsoft has revealed the Surface Hub 3, which now operates the Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows. As an all-in-one hybrid meeting and collaboration device, Surface Hub 3 is designed to transform the way we collaborate and work. Preorders are available, with devices shipping later this year. In this rapidly changing work environment, Surface Hub 3 offers a unified, simple experience across all meeting spaces for Surface Hubs and other Microsoft Teams Rooms users, promising a seamless transition mentioned in a video on Youtube.

  • Designed by Microsoft from start to finish.
  • Integrates with both Traditional and Signature Teams Rooms.
  • Shipping begins later this year.

Surface Hub 3 has joined the Microsoft Teams Rooms family, offering a unified Teams Rooms on Windows experience. This allows a consistent workspace experience, making the transition between various meeting spaces sleek and simple. Furthermore, thanks to customer feedback, the Surface Hub 3 now includes long-awaited features like a persistent chat and Front Row layout. Each newly released Teams Rooms feature will also be available on Surface Hub from day one onwards.


Surface Hub 3 also brings a variety of new features that enhance the meeting experience. For instance, with Smart Rotation and Portrait, users can physically rotate the Surface Hub 3 50” between Portrait or Landscape modes to make the screen layout adaptable to specific needs. An example would be a natural Whiteboarding session or a more personalized one-on-one call. Along with the mobility and versatility offered by the Steelcase Roam Stand, the Surface Hub 3 50” is fully mobile.


To find out more about Surface Hub 3 and to gain a better understanding of the system, watch Sonia's and my Youtube video on the topic.


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