Microsoft SharePoint Roadmap Update - May 2024
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May 1, 2024 12:28 AM

Microsoft SharePoint Roadmap Update - May 2024

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May 2024: Unlock New SharePoint Features for Engaging Intranet Sites #Microsoft365 #SharePointUpdate

Key insights


  • Simpler Authoring
    • Real-time co-authoring on SharePoint pages.
    • Copilot integration to assist with content writing.
    • New SharePoint start experience for creating personal pages.
    • Later in the year: In-line commenting and section design suggestions.
  • Compelling Content
    • Brand Center (now in preview) for customizing fonts, soon to support customizing colors, logos, and more.
    • Section backgrounds and image shapes for visual customization.
    • Video Pages: Dedicated templates for video-centric content.
    • Microsoft Stream and Clipchamp enhancements for video editing and engagement.
  • Deeper Engagement
    • Improved news integration with Outlook to reach audiences via email.
    • Viva Amplify updates to help communicators drive awareness of AI/Copilot tools.
    • Viva Connections updated with company branding, dark mode, dashboard personalization.
  • Flexible Platform
    • Graph API for SharePoint Pages for programmatic interaction.
    • Bot Framework powered Viva Connections extensibility.
    • SharePoint UI Kit for easier design in Figma.
    • SharePoint Embedded for building file-centric apps.

SharePoint Premium

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Microsoft 365 Community Conference

Microsoft will be present to share these updates and connect with customers. Check out the highlighted sessions!

Product roadmap for Microsoft Stream


What's new in SharePoint 2024?

In March 2024, SharePoint introduced exciting new features and enhancements. These include fresh section backgrounds that allow for a more dynamic visual experience, the integration of Answers in Viva content within Microsoft Search to improve knowledge discovery, and for SharePoint Premium users, the ability to manage Unstructured, Structured, and Prebuilt Document Processing. Additionally, new capabilities have been added to control SharePoint Embedded containers, and Microsoft Lists users can now enjoy a revamped forms experience alongside the debut of a new Planner app.

Is there a future for SharePoint?

SharePoint's trajectory looks promising, presenting a future ripe with potential. The platform is continually advancing towards becoming more intelligent, user-friendly, and conducive to collaboration. These developments stand to greatly benefit organizations by enhancing their productivity, sparking innovation, and facilitating overall growth.

How often is SharePoint updated?

Microsoft adheres to a consistent update schedule for SharePoint, rolling out Public Updates, which encompass SharePoint Cumulative Updates (CUs), on the second Tuesday of each month.

What is the latest SharePoint version?

In a strategic shift regarding software updates, Microsoft introduced SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Version 23H1 with the public update in March 2023. This change marks a new approach in how updates for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition are delivered.



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