Microsoft Power Automate work queues are generally available
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Oct 27, 2023 1:00 PM

Microsoft Power Automate work queues are generally available

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Optimize your workflow with the new Microsoft Power Automate work queues- Now available for enhanced process management & automation!

Microsoft's Power Automate Work Queues: Elevating Productivity Through Intelligent Automation

Highlighting Microsoft's commitment to optimized performance and efficient workflows, Power Automate work queues have been officially announced to be generally available. These innovative resources allow user-centric, complex processes to be deconstructed into manageable elements, thereby easing performance optimization and minimizing the risk of Service Level Agreement (SLA) breaches.

"Microsoft Power Automate work queues, which provide a streamlined way to manage and prioritize process-relevant data, ensuring efficient workflow automation through a centralized hub for ingestion, processing, tracking, and completion."

With the recent announcement, Microsoft's solution now stands as a pioneering tool, creating a centralized hub for process-relevant data. It promises efficient management of data, tracking every stage of processing from the point of ingestion to completion

  • Work queues provide enterprise-scale orchestration
  • Management capabilities
  • Optimized performance



The work queues feature key elements like enterprise-scale orchestration and management capabilities. Intricate processes and automations are primarily disintegrated into smaller parts which are then processed separately, leading to impressive performance results and mitigates SLA breaches.

The new feature promotes a humane-in-the-loop approach and provides for real-time monitoring and the fosterment of seamless collaboration between multiple teams such as business, operation, and IT. This makes certain that everybody involved is streamlined towards common data processing objectives that comply with priority and defined SLA’s.

Since Power Automate’s enterprise-grade solutions support various types of processing, they are well adaptable to tailor specific requirements of the users. Be it through digital process automation (DPA) with cloud flows, robotic process automation (RPA) with desktop flows or integrations through direct Dataverse API access, it ensures to satisfy all user demands.

To further augment the efficiency of business processes, the Power Automate platform also allows processing via the built-in Dataverse connector and the desktop platform. Power Automate's Dataverse connector, accessible in cloud flows, enables the platform to work seamlessly with data.

Moreover, with this release, users can now adapt to processing via dedicated actions on the desktop flow feature of the automation platform. An advanced feature has also been added for those who prefer using direct Dataverse API calls for testing advanced integration scenarios through Postman.

What are work queues?

Power Automate work queues are a useful tool for storing data related to processes and for separating complicated processes from automations so that they can interact asynchronously.
They can significantly increase the effectiveness, scalability, and resilience of automations. They can also aid in work prioritization, ensuring that the most important tasks are finished first, whether they were handled by digital workers, human workers, or integrations.
Work queues can assist in decoupling different areas of a process so that each part can operate independently and exchange prioritized inputs and outputs asynchronously, much as manufacturing assembly lines are designed to decouple different complex stages of production.
An end-to-end process using work queues to communicate prioritized work between process steps and automations is depicted in the following figure.

General Perspective on Power Automate and Work Queues

The concept of automation brought about by tools like Power Automate signifies a massive leap forward in business process management. Work queues, in particular, are emblematic of an evolution in the way we perceive and handle operations and data processing tasks. They facilitate improved order and control over workflows and data, making synchronization across various teams easier and more effective. In essence, the general availability of Power Automate's work queues implies a future of more streamlined, efficient, and intelligent workflows, thus, promising a significant enhancement in the overall productivity in businesses.



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